Upcoming AGMs

2014—Montreal “Mansfield Park—Contexts, Conventions, Controversies”

2015—Louisvllle “Living in Jane Austen’s World”

2016—Washington, D.C. “Emma at 200: No One But Herself”

2017—Los Angeles “tba”

2013--Minneapolis "Pride and Prejudice--Timeless"

This celebration of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice was attended by three members and one very charming spouse.  Fran Willis and her husband, Sondra Bowers and Sue Landaw were treated to fabulous speakers--John Mullan, Joan Ray, James Nagle, Sandy Lerner, and others.  As a host city, Minneapolis was wonderful.  We sold our handmade good at the "Meryton Market" emporium and substantially increased our bank account.  Fran participated in the style show and high tea and represented us beautifully, and Sue was re-elected to the JASNA board for a second term.

2012 AGM--Brooklyn, New York

Five of our local members traveled to New York City in October of 2012 to attend the "Sex, Money and Power in Jane Austen" AGM and were well rewarded.  There were several tours of the area--Manhattan, Washington Irving's home, many others--as well as star-studded presentations on the AGM program.  In attandance were Joan Warrick, Suzanne Skooglund, Sondra Bowers, Freddi Stevens-Jacobi, and Sue Landaw.
       Sue and Flat Chuck at 2012 AGM

2011 AGM--Ft. Worth, Texas

Indiana was well represented in Ft. Worth in October of 2011--Fran Willis, Amanda Yaggi, Sondra Bowers, Suzanne Skooglund, Freddi Stevens-Jacobi, Joan Warrick, and Sue Landaw all in attendance and taking in the sites.

Ready for the banquet and Regency Ball l to r:
Suzanne Skookglund, Joan Warrick, Sondra Bowers, Freddi Stevens-Jacobi, Fran Willis, Sue Landaw

Sondra, Suzanne, Freddi, and Joan ready for a ride on the trolley

There were six--yes, SIX-- Indiana JASNA members at the AGM in Portland, Oregon on October 26-31. Ann Alexander, Sondra Bowers, Suzanne Skooglund, Fran Willis, Jo Kissling, Marcia Munshower, and Sue Landaw were all in attendance.  Take a look!

Sondra Bowers, Sue Landaw, and Suzanne Skooglund at Portland's Japanese Gardens on a wet and cool day.

AGMs (Annual General Meetings) are held October of each year.  Members from US and Canada gather in host cities throughout North America to hear speakers, panel discussions, presentations; to enjoy sights and tours of the host area; to meet and greet Austen scholars and authors from around the world; to participate in classes related to Regency life and culture; to attend a Regency ball, and to interact with Janeites from around North America.

'Oooooh, all the officers!'  Having fun at Vancouver AGM, 2007

Ready for banquet at Chicago AGM, 2008