Using Technology to Enhance Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Classrooms


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Why Computers?

Early childhood educators are often the most reluctant group of educators to implement computers into their classrooms. There are many myths and outdated beliefs that need to be challenged. Society has become more technological so it is necessary and expected that children be exposed to computers in educational institutions.

Speech-to-text software can reinforce children's pre-reading skills. Word processing programs can be used to create classroom or individual stories. Websites allow students to publish their work for others to view.

Benefits of Early Computer Use

  • Preschool hildren exposed to proper computer activities had an increas in language scores.
  • When students publish their work for others to read, motivation to write and edit increases.
  • Technology use increases attention span, socialization skills, and language development.
  • Students exposed to word processing programs are more likely to use language in meaninful ways.
  • Some software programs have been shown to increase vocabulary and comprehension development.
  • Children using the computer together learn from each other and have opportunities to use oral language skills as well as problem solving and thinking skills.


Careful Considerations

  • Computers should be integrated into the classroom and used as a part of daily activities. For example: children can make signs for the dramatic play area, type letters to family members, or create stories to read to their friends.
  • Too much exposure to inappropriate software and comptuer activities can lead to a decrease in creativity. Computers, like any tool, can be misused.
  • Computer use should be balanced with other classroom activities.
  • Software and Websites must be carefully evaluated before being used with children.
  • Children ages three and older can be exposed to computers in a developmentally appropriate manner.
  • Educators must use computers they are familiar with and have experience with the software and programs being used.
  • Hardware such as mice, keyboards, and headphones must be considered when working with young children.