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NOVIDADES: reuniões públicas apresentadas em língua Portuguesa, primeira quinta-feira de cada mês
Nessas reuniões estudaremos o livro "Amor, Imbatível Amor"

NEW: public meetings in Portuguese, on the 
first Thursday of each month
We will be studying the book "Amor, Imbatível Amor", in Portuguese

JASG is committed to study and spread the Spiritist doctrine systematized by Allan Kardec (pseudonym of Hypolite Léon Denizard Rivail) in the XIX century.

Spiritism is a doctrine with a religious, philosophical and scientific character that is based in two principles:

    i)  existence of GOD

    ii) spiritual essence of Man

The survival of Man after physical death, continuous spiritual evolution through reincarnation, communication with spirits, interaction between spiritual and material world, are all subjects that we study based in the five fundamental works of Spiritism:

    - Spirits' Book 

    - The Book on Mediums

    - The Gospel According to Spiritism

    - Heaven and Hell

    - The Genesis According to Spiritism

We'd like to invite you to navigate through our webpages and learn more about Spiritism and JASG activities.

Thank You!

                                           Allan Kardec (1804-1869)