Welcome to my EdTech Website.  
Eric Jarvis - ejarvis@slcusd.org
Tools for Online Learning:

Vocaroo - Record audio and add it as individual student feedback on Google Classroom. Quick and easy to use! Used FREE version of Screencastify to create this TUTORIAL 

Screencastify - Free and easy tool for creating "Screencasts," videos of your own computer screen demonstrating tasks.  Here's a short TUTORIAL I made.  Here's one more in depth: TUTORIAL

Google Classroom - Most of us are familiar, but there are many additional features we may want utilize.  TUTORIALS FROM GOOGLE

Utilizing Topics with Google Classroom - This short video created with the FREE version of Screencastify offers tips on organizing a Classroom page into "Topics," which could be defined by day, week, unit, current/archived, etc. Tutorial

Rubric Scoring on Classroom - Assignment rubrics are now available on Google Classroom.  Teachers are no longer restricted to a single assignment score; more specific feedback on a rubric can communicate achievement levels and/or numbered points per category. TUTORIAL

Google Forms Use this formative assessment tool to check for understanding to ensure students progress while away from school. TUTORIALS FROM GOOGLE

Desmos (Overview Video) - Free learning management system that includes graphing calculators and other useful digital math tools.  Teachers are able to create assignments and view student progress.  TUTORIALS