VCE OES - Multimedia

A collection of Resources for Unit 4 - 

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The Vanishing - 60 Minutes  - A 60 minutes story on the vanishing diversity of life in Australia

The Great Flood - 60 Minutes - A story about the recent flooding at Lake Eyre

Cane Toads - 60 Minutes - A story about the cane toad invasion and its impact on native species

Lake Pedder - A video documentary about lake pedder (In FLV format, google applian FLV player to enable playback)

Unit 3 OES Resources - Link A collection of resources for unit 3

Environental Action in Cartoons A collection of popular cartoons highlighting different environmental action strategies with included questions.

Hitler in Barmah - A parody where Hitler finds out that Cattle Grazing has been banned in new national parks along the Murray. Gives an overview of the conflict and interest groups etc.

Stateline - Eagle Tree - Gunbower - A local communities fight to save a 1000 year old tree. 

The Extraordinary Tale of William Buckley  - The story of William Buckley a convict who lived with aboriginal people for over 30 years. Can be used for multiple aspects of the course.

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