About Me

In this website I am going to tell you about me. This website you will be able to link you to My Deep Thoughts, My Writing, and My School websites. Also I'm going to tell you about my school life. 
My name is Jarrett. I am in grade 8. I go to Pilot Butte school. My teachers name Mr. Wiebe. Here's my authors gallery. My Friends names are Jon, zip(zach), Jordan, Marshall, Mac, Bryce. My lowest mark is a B.I am an A student.Also my highest mark is a A+. My favorite subjects are P.E., science,social and art.The subjects Don't like that much are health, math, L.A.The subjects in the middle are Computers and french. Me and all my friends like to do is hang out and play video games. Me and all my friends really miss Zack and wishes he come back again for a visit as he did this summer! Me and all my friends also hope he would come back for a visit again some day.Also I know I an goin to have the the best year i ever had because I have an awesome teacher named Mr. Wiebe.