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Daily Schedule:
Period 1:  Algebra A
Period 2:  Pre-Calculus
Period 3:  Pre-Calculus
Period 4:  Algebra II
Period 5:  AP Calculus
Period 6:  Algebra II
Period 7:  PLAN
Period 8:  Algebra I,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNERfvP-4IgNlrjiGDtKRfbSvs8Vsw&ust=1374767853493809

Classroom Grading Procedures
Your child's grade is categorized into 3 areas:
Daily Work = 15% of the overall grade
Quizzes      = 35% of the overall grade
Tests          = 50% of the overall grade



There will be a written assignment nearly every day.  Daily work is probably the most important thing your child does for this is where they find out what they know and don't know.  I expect that daily work will be done.  No late assignments will be accepted. All problems should be written out and work shown.  Daily work is practice to build the student's knowledge on the math concepts being taught that day.. Students will be able to ask questions at the beginning of class.  Some class time will be provided for work time.  Usually, the students will have to spend additional time outside of class on their assignment. The grading of daily work will vary each day and will count 15% of their overall grade.   If your child doesn't do their homework, they probably won’t do well on the quizzes and tests.


Knowledge quizzes will be given several times throughout the chapter; probably once or twice a week..  If your child has done their homework well,  paid attention in class and studied a little the night before;  they should do fine.  Quizzes will count 35% of their overall grade.   There are no retakes.


Tests are given at the end of each chapter.  Some of the longer chapters may have a test midway through the chapter.  I will let the students know when we begin the chapter.  We will spend time in class reviewing the day before.  Tests will count 50% of their overall grade, so it is important that they STUDY for these and do well.  There are no retakes.


I am always available to help your child before school (7:50-8:10) or after school (3:15-3:45).

Accelerated Math is no longer required.  It is ALL EXTRA CREDIT!
Students may earn up to 50 extra credit points per quarter.  Points will be added to the student's grade as they earn them.  The deadline is the end of each quarter. 

Mrs. Jarrett:

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Welcome Students and Parents!
On my website, you will be able to find classroom information and assignments if you are in my Algebra A,  Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, or AP Calculus class.

Class Assignments
Can be found in my lesson plans which are on the following link

The students always know on Monday when they will have quizzes and tests for the week.  It is posted in the classroom!

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