These videos are meant to refresh your brain on what you have already learned. Many times we just need an example to remind us of how to do a problem. Each video has an example problem from this worksheet. There are 94 questions. I hope the videos can help you out. 


The problems are intended to be easy. You have to remember that math principles are the same no matter what. The "hard" problems are done exactly the same way an "easy" problem is. You have to apply the same principles to both types of problems. 


Math SL and HL summer Assignment (All problems are shown in the videos below)



1) Greatest Common Factor 

2) Simplify Fractions

3) Order of Operations 

4) Solving equations 1 step

5-6) Solving equations 2 step

7-8) Solving equations multi steps

9-11) Solving inequalities

12-14) Exponents

15) Proportions


22-23) Plotting Points on a coordinate plane


24-25) Midpoint and distance formula

26) Slope between two points

27) SLope of an equation

28) Slope of a graph

29-30) Horizontal and vertical lines

31-32) Graphing with slope intercept form

33) Graphing with standard form

34) SLope intercept form from a graph

35) Write an equation given slope and int

36) Rewrite an equation in slope intercept form

37) Write an equation through two points

38) Graphing a linear inequality

39) Solve a system by graphing

40) Solving a system by substitution

41) Solving a system by elimination

42-43) Complementary and supplementary Angles

44-45) Vertical and corresponding Angles

46-48) Corresponding angles, Alternate interior angles, and Alternate exterior Angles

49-51) Square roots

52) Angles of a triangle

53-54) Pythagorean Theorem

55) Combine like terms

56) Multiplying polynomials (FOIL)

57) Solving an equation with absolute value

58) Mixture Word problem

59) System of inequalities

60-61) Exponential graph Growth and Decay

62) Polynomial long division and synthetic division

63-64) Difference of squares and Perfect square trinomial

65) Factoring using GCF

66-67) Factor DIamond

68-69) Factoring diamond when a  does not equal 1

70-71) Factoring special case difference of squares and Perfect Square trinomial

72) FActor by grouping (4 terms)

73-74) Graphing Parabolas Standard form and vertex form

75) Solve an equation with factoring

76) Solving an equation with quadratic formula

77) solving an equation with completing the square

78) Simplifying radicals

79) Combining radicals

80) Multiplying radicals

81) Rationalizing Radicals

82) Solving equations with radicals

83) Multiplying rational polynomials

84) adding rational polynomials

85) Solving fraction problems

86-88) Trigonometry SOHCAHTOA

89-91)Inverse Trig using a calcullator

92-94) Using trig to solve triangles.