Worlds and Dreams  


One of my abstract collages.

A Fly Agaric Dream

A piece devoted to the magic mushroom, Fly Agaric.

Based around the iron age hillfort known as 'Maiden Castle' on Bickerton Hill in central Cheshire.

European Shamans were known to aid their techniques with the famous red and white toadstool, which has become synonymous with children's fairy tales!


A Chaos Star diving the horizon of the eye.


A keyhole is often symbolic of a doorway to somewhere, maybe an alternative world, a magical realm, a plane of existence, or maybe the eye of perception.

One of my favourite books is 'Alice in Wonderland', written by a Cheshire author. Alice once down the rabbit hole finds many locked doors, but spys a small key, which will open one of those doors, to a magical land!

Ode to the Fly Agaric

Another depiction of my favourite toadstool, the Fly Agaric.

Chaos Abstract

Another one of my abstract collages, this time based around the theme of Chaos.


A depiction of a Nightmare I once had.

The End

A depiction of 'The End'. I have always loved prophecies of the End, Armageddon and the Apocalypse.

However, my favourite myth of 'The End' is Norse Mythology's 'Ragnarok'. My favourite Norse God is Loki.

I have always been a lover of anti-heroes.