Skull & Bones

This is my most favourite 'Memento Mori' carving. Memento Mori is a medieval term for 'remembering that you will die', meaning to the viewer that you must think upon death, and prepare yourself for the Afterlife.

This carving exists on a grave at St Bertoline's Church in Barthomley, Cheshire. A local haunt of mine!

I also have this design tattooed upon my arm. I love designing tattoos or finding images within the real world I can convert into a tattoo.

Death Skull

I have a fascination with all things deathly. I love Gothic images and anything dark.

This is an image of Death with scythe and a paint brush.

A Skeleton

A Skeleton glowing within the darkness.

Death Cherub

This is a depiction of a Cherub holding Death's requisite symbol of time, an hourglass.

I found this Cherub at Newland Church in the Forest of Dean.

The King of Skulls

This piece was inspired by my favourite church symbolism, namely 'Memento Mori'. 

It depicts a skull surrounded by ten coffins.

Entwined Hearts

A common image found on graves is that of the heart.

This grave motif can be found at Barthomley Church in Cheshire.


This piece was inspired by a ceiling boss in a Church.

It refers to the five wounds of Christ through the story of the Passion.