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Please note that the blog entry below has been modified. Names of certain third parties have been removed, along with their links. The photos that were with the original post have been removed as well. Other than that, the text is as it was found on the 'Net shortly after the event listed went public in late May.

May 7, 2007

Even a little crazy for me… 

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Okay… When this happened I called
Mr. Billy W****** and I even called my friend J** *** in Los Angeles.

This event is almost unbelievable, but I haven’t lied about anything so far, so believe what you want. (I do have pictures to prove this)

I was at my aunts house yesterday, about two and a half hours away in another part of Tennessee.(I want to be light with words, don’t want anyone to lose their job)

I headed home late at night, almost early in the morning. I had to get home cause my puppies were home alone.

I was on the phone with Billy when I seen blue lights behind me. Ugh… not again.

Well, I had been drinking, wasn’t drunk by any means, but had been drinking some earlier that day. He put his light in my car and seen some liquor I had in the back seat, which I had forgotten about. This was no liquor I had consumed that day or even any days recent. This was liquor I had forgotten about in the back seat. oops

So, I answer all of his questions.

“Do you have any weapons, such as guns, knives, etc?”
“Do you have any illegal drugs in the car?”
“Do you have any drug paraphernalia in the car?”

Well, I am standing outside of my car and answer yes to a few of these questions and no to a few others.

I had some “narcotics” in the car, or as I refer to them in other blogs, some “happy pills.”

I sometimes have these pills as I may take one or two before going to a club, and thats it. I have no addiction and use these more so, recreationally. It was a small amount of pills, nothing major.

However, they are a “level 4″ is the term I think he used. Crack is a 2, Marijuana is a 6…
He starts talking about the minimum punishment for this offense. It was an 11-29 with 30%, which means they sentence you to 11 months and 29 days in jail and you have to serve a minimum of 30%. Then he said I would be on six months of monitored probation, which means the likely hood of them allowing me to go to California, would probably be very minimal, if at all.

Thats when we start chatting about my trips to Los Angeles…

You all know where this is going?

I tell him I make dirty movies. He says he wished he had gotten into that industry.

I want to mind you all that I have encounters with police person-els many times before and was trying my hardest to be respectful, that always used to help.

So, I am answering the questions he is asking me about sucking and fucking for money, with “Yes sir” and “No sir.”

He kept saying to me, and now I understand why, “are you sure you aren’t hiding anything on your persons?” He asked me that about ten times, and I just thought it was routine. Well, now I understand what he wanted me to do.

So, he asks me about what I do. I tell him internet and movies. He asks me one of the sites, I tell him to go to my blog (this one). He then proceeds to open his lap top in his car. (I mind you, at this point I am sitting in the front seat of his car with him)

He brings up my blog and we watch two of my video clips. I don’t even know what to do at this point, I thought I was going to jail.

He says to me, while staring at the screen, “this is making me hard.”

Oh dear…

Now, I understand.

So, he gets out of the car with the narcotics in hand and walks around to the side I am sitting in. He asks me if I would stand up and walk in front of the car, and told me I look even more beautiful in person. I smile.

He takes the hand full of pills and scatters them in the brush next to the interstate. Then he asks me, what does it cost for someone like me to get anything like you.

I said to him, “If you weren’t working…”

and he said, “don’t worry about me working!”

I said, “Okay, right now?”

He asks me to follow him to some desolate place he knew about, I did.

I get out of my car, walk to his car and do what good little sluts do. I told him I wanted to taste his cum.

He stands up next to his car, I unzip his pants and squat to me knees.

We moved to the back of the car, cause he didn’t want to take the chance of anyone pulling in. We were in the middle of nowhere, and it was 3 am-ish, there was no one to be found. Either way, he wanted to be safe.

So, behind his cop car I sucked his dick squatting with my shirt up and my tits out.

He asked me if he could take photos, I said yes, only if I can have them, he said okay.

He even made little videos too.

I didn’t have to suck long. He said to me, “You wanted to taste my cum, you are about to”

He blew a big load in my mouth. I swallowed. I loved every minute of it and want to do it again next time I go to my aunts house.

So… Here are some photos and I hope you enjoy.

"I... reenacted the position that made me notorious today!"

[Original explicit photos have been deleted - you'll need to look elsewhere]