Jared's clubpenguin cheats



    this is a picture of my house and my penguin.sorry i havent been on awhile.                                                                                                                                  

















    the clothing catalog is here if you click on the green toque and if you click on the flower hat you get the viking hat                                                                                                                                    4/27/07

 at the plaza there is a sail boat hat the pin is at the ski village in a treasure chest.

  The ship is here  there are a pirate bandana  and captains coat and a porthole a steering wheel.                                                                                                

 THE SHIP IS VERY CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                        4/26/07

the new pin is at the light house beacon

 If you want to get the blue cape click on the 3D glasses then you will get the blue cape.

2.If you want the red and blue viking helmet go to the  Kimono and click on the leaf by the right.

3.Go to the home page and click on the n for night club then it will be a  Ninja.

4.Click the penguin  above the sign play now then it will change.

5.Go on clubpenguin and press the plus and equal sign next to the back space then it will look like a video camera.

6Im going to tell you how to get all the eggs

1.In the light house on a picture frame and a egg in the telescope at the light house.

2In the coffee shop in the mixer.

3at the mine outside in the pipe.

4In the pizza palor  at the light what flickers.

5. At the underground pool wait for 5 seconds then it will be there.

6.Go to town and click the gift then it will be there.

 7.Go to the boiler room and look in the draw.

 Go on the news paper and go to jokes and were it says jokes click on it then there will be more jokes.


There was a free hat and a mask

 the hat is at the mine the mask is at the beach and the pin is at the dock.

secrets from the furniture catalog and clothing catalog

1.go to the home stereo and click on the  button.

2.go to the princess throne and click on the word throne then you will get the king throne

 1.click on the leprechaun tuxedo then you will get a green bow tie

 2.click on the winter boots to get 3D classes.

 the pin is at the lodge attic it is a pot of gold.