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Media Coverage

--The 4 Ways People Rationalize Eating Meat, New York Magazine, Science of Us, 6/4/2015 

--Are meat eaters more likely to tolerate social inequality? Munchies, The Vice Channel 5/19/2015

--How people defend eating meat, Lancaster News, Science Daily 5/15/2015

--Interview for Philadelphia Weekly and media coverage of Philadelphia Science Festival where I discuss the 4Ns of meat justification 4/23/2014

--Boston Globe coverage of forthcoming JPSP article on the importance of moral character information in person perception and social evaluation, coauthored with Geoff Goodwin and Paul Rozin. 10/27/13

--Media coverage of SPPS article on Religiosity and non-consequentialist thinking. Here's a link to PsyPost article. 06/22/13 Another link to Addicting Info article. 06/24/13

--In his blog Bering in Mind, Jesse Bering discusses the "Invisible Observer" or "empty chair" effect, which we demonstrated in our article “Princess Alice is Watching You: Children’s Belief in an Invisible Person Inhibits Cheating,” published last year in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 

Also, check out the video at the end of Jesse's blog post, which presents a dramatized re-enactment of our Princess Alice study, filmed for a recent episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.  

--"Godlike princess curbs cheating" New Scientist coverage of my article, "Princess Alice is Watching You: Children's Belief in an Invisible Person Inhibits Cheating" 

--"For the 'observer effect' to occur does it matter who the observer is?" My response to this question in Science + Religion Today.