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Pop Press Articles & Media Coverage

Articles I've written for The Conversation 

Piazza, J. (2016, May 5). Why aren't more people vegetarian? The Conversation. {Link to article}

Piazza, J. (2016, Feb 10). If meat could talk, would you still eat it? The Conversation. {Link to article}

Piazza, J. (2015, Dec 21). Should you tell your child the truth about Santa? A psychologist's view. The Conversation. {Link to article} 

Piazza, J. (2015, Jun 24). Why are we outraged about eating dog, but not bacon? The Conversation. {Link to article}

Selected Popular Press Articles and Media Coverage

--The meat motivated mind: An interview with Dr. Jared Piazza. Interview I did with Tobias Leenaert, The Vegan Strategist. Aug 23, 2016.

--The lie that many people who eat meat tell themselves. Article by Jesse Singal covering our 'When meat gets personal' paper. Science of Us. Aug 1, 2016.

--The meat paradox: Why we love animals but slaughter and eat them. Article I wrote for International Business Times. May 18, 2016. (To commemorate National Vegetarian Week, UK)

--Why doesn't everyone go vegetarian? What makes people adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet. The Independent. May 5, 2016. Re-published from the article I wrote for The Conversation.

--Would you still eat meat if animals could talk? The Independent. Feb 11, 2016.  Re-published from the article I wrote for The Conversation.

--We care just as much about wrongdoing if it isn't in our own back yard. Lancaster Psychology Research Blog article I wrote. Jan 21, 2016

--Media article I wrote for The ConversationShould you tell your child the truth about Santa? A psychologist's take. Dec 21, 2015   Re-published in The Independent.  Dec 23, 2015

--Media piece I wrote for Atlas of Science for our Cognition article: People and companies who do harm are dehumanized, not typecasted. Oct 27, 2015

--The 4 Ways People Rationalize Eating Meat. New York Magazine, Science of Us, 6/4/2015 

--Are meat eaters more likely to tolerate social inequality? Munchies, The Vice Channel 5/19/2015

--How people defend eating meat. Science Daily 5/15/2015

--Scientists know what we care about most: Food, Faith & FermentationInterview for Philadelphia Weekly and media coverage of Philadelphia Science Festival where I discuss the 4Ns of meat justification 4/23/2014

--Morality, secret to popularity. Boston Globe coverage of JPSP article on the importance of moral character information in person perception and social evaluation, coauthored with Geoff Goodwin and Paul Rozin. 10/27/13

--Liberals and conservatives approach moral judgments in fundamentally different ways. Media coverage of SPPS article on Religiosity and non-consequentialist thinking. Here's a link to PsyPost article. 06/22/13 Another link to Addicting Info article. 06/24/13

--In his blog Bering in Mind, Jesse Bering discusses the "Invisible Observer" or "empty chair" effect, which we demonstrated in our article “Princess Alice is Watching You: Children’s Belief in an Invisible Person Inhibits Cheating,” published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. 

Also, check out the video at the end of Jesse's blog post, which presents a dramatized re-enactment of our Princess Alice study, filmed for a recent episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.  Here's a link to the video segment on Youtube

--Godlike princess curbs cheatingNew Scientist coverage of my article, "Princess Alice is Watching You: Children's Belief in an Invisible Person Inhibits Cheating" 

--For the 'observer effect' to occur does it matter who the observer is? My response to this question in Science + Religion Today. May 3, 2011.

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