Camp Cherokee Awards

November 4-7, 2006 

Best Smile (Four-way tie)

 Most Awkward Mid-air Position


 Best Jolly Green Giant Impression

Best Posture on a Horse

Most Sporatic Uno Player (Noah)

 Best E.T. Impression

 Most Illegal

 Best Davy Crockett

Best Baby Arwen

Best Lone Ranger

Most Pyros in One Family

 Highest Human Swing

Cutest Carnivore

Best "Who do you think you are?" Look

Best "What are you staring at?" Look 

 Best Jab

Marshmallow Roasting Device Most Likely to Appear in a Dr. Seuss Book

Most Surreptitious

 Best Spiderman Impression

Most Plastered

Best James Dean

 Most Delighted to Have Double-Duty

Best Yoga Instructor

Scariest Face

 Happiest to Be at Dollywood

Most Precarious Position

 Most Pooped

Best Michelle Kwan

Best Dwarf Toss

Best Boy Impression (by a Monkey)

Best Cast

Best Deep-South Country Cooks

Most Excited to Try Grits

Silliest Family