About me:

I am in my 7th year of teaching mathematics. I enjoy all types of sports, both playing and watching them! I graduated college from the University of Mount Union and my master's degree online in Curriculum and Instruction.

Algebra 1
1st,3rd,5th periods:  GNALZ

7th period Honors: 8KT2G
Google Classroom Code:  7retn1
Google Classroom Honors CODE: tug9hu
Extra Resources:
This link goes to a site that will give you additional examples worked out similar to problems in class!

DRUND: This site is a social media site just for Austintown Local Schools where reminders will be sent out frequently about supplies,assignments, math facts, etc. that could pertain to your child. Please favorite me so that your child sees all updates that apply to this class.

AIR (American Institutes for Research)- Statewide assessment practice site!

Homework Assignments:
Honors: Section 3.2.3 Distributive Property / Binomials
HW: Review/Preview 3-58 to 3-63
Co-Teach:Section 3.2.2 Area
HW: Review/Preview 3-48to 3-53 , 
Ch 3 Mid- Quiz Wednesday
Honors: Section 3.2.4 Generic Rectangles
HW: Review/Preview 3-70 to 3-75 

Co-Teach: Section 3.2.3 Distributive Property
HW: None QUiZ tomorrow.
Honors: 3.3.1 Solving Equations w Absolute value
3-81 to 3-86
Co-Teach: Ch 3 Mid-Chapter Quiz
HW: 3-58 to 3-63 Review/Preview
Honors:  3.3.2 Multi-Variable Equations
3-97 to 3-104 Review/Preview
Co-Teach:  Section 3.2.4 Generic Rectangles
HW: 3-70 to 3-75 Review/Preview
HW CHECK MONDAY 3.1.1 to 3.2.3
Honors:  Section 3.3.2 Multi-Variable Equations NO HW. Ch 3 Team Test TUESDAY!
Co-Teach: Section 3.3.1 Solving equations with absolute value
Ch 3 Team Test next Friday

Algebra 1 1

Contact me:

Mr. Hubicsak
Room 264 Fitch High School
Phone: 330-797-3900 (school)
330-406-9976 (cell)
E-mail: JHubicsak@ 

Extra Resources:
TIMathNspired- example exercises for graphing calculators 

REMIND:  Sends reminders out to students from me for class!

School Calendar- shows all important events including days off
Progress Book- Can see grades for all classes with login!

Math Calculator - demonstrates policy which indicates all students need to purchase a graphing calculator to have in Statistics ALL SEMESTER!

Google classroom code:  7pbjcn

Homework Assignments:

Finish Ch 2 Project- Due tomorrow (30 pts)  
 Section 3-1 Mean, Grouped and Weighted
Classwork: Exercises 3-1
Wednesday:  Section 3-1 Median, Mode, and Midrange: Exercises 3-1
Section 3-1 Nspire, Review Exercises
Section 3-2 Standard Deviation, Variance, and Range
Exercises 3-2

Statistics and Probability Semester 2