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Jardín Colibrí is a small, family run farm in El Santuario, Guasca, Cundinamarca which is only 1 hour from Bogota and close to Guatavita.

Accommodation is in 2 comfortable cabañas surrounded by nature and the menu is prepared with organic food grown on the farm whenever possible. Accommodation .


Jardín Colibrí, is the perfect place to relax in a hammock watching the hummingbirds or as a base to explore Guatavita, hike to the lagunas in Chingaza Nacional Park, go paragliding or participate in ancestral experiences (attend a sweat lodge or yage purification ceremony). What to do close to Jardin Colibri

Jardín Colibrí,  also offers basic Spanish or advanced English immersion courses

RESERVATIONS AND MORE INFORMATION: (315) 5765201 (Nicky)  - (315) 3738004 (Mao - only Spanish) 
5 kilometros vía Guatavita, Vereda el Santuario, Guasca Cundinamarca Colombia -

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