Japan-UCI Meeting on 3D Morphogenesis

Japan-UCI meeting on 3D morphogenesis is the first meeting at the University of California Irvine that is meant to bring together researchers to inspire new creative ideas and initiate discussions on current and new research questions and tools in this area.

This event welcomes all faculty, researchers, professionals and trainees in the field of morphogenesis, with a special emphasis on trainees who will have the opportunity to showcase their research through posters presentations.


3D morphogenesis Meeting


Online registration is open until Monday, July 10, 2017. Event attendance is complimentary and lunch will be provided.

Please note that we will not longer be accepting abstract submissions for oral presentations / talks. Poster presentations are still welcome.

Invited Speakers

Max Plikus    University of California Irvine
Olivier Cinquin    University of California Irvine
Naoto Ueno    NIBB
Takeo Matsumoto    Nagoya University
Chris Hughes    University of California Irvine
Shigeru Kondo    Osaka University
Yasuhiro Inoue    Kyoto University   
John Lowengrub    University of California Irvine
Shizue Ohsawa Kyoto University
Long Cai    Caltech
Qing Nie    University of California Irvine
Kenji Matsuno    Osaka University
Shiaulou Yuan    Yale University
Hiroyuki Takeda    Tokyo University
Hisashi Haga    Hokkaido University
Masakazu Akiyama    Hokkaido University
Praveer Sharma/ Lina Meinecke
University of California Irvine
Bill Holmes    Vanderbilt University
Michelle Digman    University of California Irvine

Japanese speakers are the principal investigators of the joint-research project “3D Morphologic” and supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology  (MEXT).


Natural Sciences I
Room 1114

University of California Irvine

Natural Sciences I


Ken Cho, Professor
Department of Developmental and Cell Biology, University of California Irvine
kwcho@uci.edu  (email)

Michelle Digman, Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering & Co-Investigator the Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics

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