Japan Society of Fairfield County Presents

B O N   O D O R I
Japanese Summer Dancing Festival

Saturday, August 13, 2016*
2:00 to 4:30 PM
*Rain date: Sunday,  August 14

Jesup Green, Westport, CT
(next to Westport Library at 20 Jesup Rd)


  • Drum performance by NY Taiko Aikokai
  • Okinawan Folk Songs with Sanshin by Junko Fisher
  • Karate Demonstration by Connecticut Seido Karate
  • Japanese Food/Drink Available at Matsu Sushi (across Jesup Green)

Bon Odori is a centuries old tradition where families reunite to honor their ancestors. Ancestral spirits are welcomed through the festivals elegant folk dances.  Dances are unique to each region of Japan as they have evolved through the ages.  Odori Dances are easy. Check out these links:

U.S. Premiere of the Special Bon-Odori Version of 
We thank Takarabune for its choreography and original music!

AWA ODORI Front.wmv

AWA ODORI Circle.wmv

Please Note: The Awa Odori dance is choreographed and copyrighted by Takarabune, This dance is still in its beta version.



Hanagasa Ondo (花笠音頭) is a folk song from Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. The name literally means "flower straw-hat song."



The Tankō Bushi originated at Miike Mine, Kyushu, Japan. Tankō Bushi (炭坑節 ?) is a Japanese folk song. Despite the term "fushi/bushi" found in its name, the rhythm is in swung, ondo style. It is a song about coal mining, and it refers to old Miike Mine in Kyūshū(Tagawa City).

Come enjoy with us the Bon Odori dances, Taiko drumming, and traditional Okinawan folk music!

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