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To nurture individual children with different capabilities, enriching their minds, strengthening their bodies and soul, and developing their character in an international educational setting. 

Latest Updates from the Japanese School of Guam

The 2nd Term Begins August 21st!

There is open enrollment for those who are interested in joining the school.

Part time work available for substitute English Teachers.

Please contact Ms.Dacanay at 734-8024/8025 or send resume to "gngacctg@japaneseschoolguam.com".


School facilities  (*completed with security system)

 Total area:  16,605㎡
 Building area:  1,071㎡


 Kindergarten classroom:  2
 Elementary classrooms:  6
 Middle school classrooms:  3
  Music classroom, art and craft classroom, science lab, library, computer lab

 Athletic field:  7,952㎡
 Gymnasium:  989㎡ 


Requirements for admission

 To possesses a valid US visa or permanent resident card(green card), or US citizenship.

For more information

The Japanese School of Guam Office

Organization: Non Profit Corporation (Established on Feb. 21 in 1989)

Management: The Japanese School of Guam, Board of Directors

Address: 170 Terao Street, Mangilao Guam 96913

Phone: 1-671-734-8024/8025

Fax: 1-671-734-8026

aganajs@japaneseschoolguam.com    (full time division)
            hoshuko@japaneseschoolguam.com   (supplementary division)
            gngacctg@japaneseschoolguam.com  (office)

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