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Cheap Budget Hotels in Tokyo Japan
 by: Nancy Eben

All those which seek a certain enthralling place to explore them, why not go for an astonishing island of Japan? Tourism with this country met the rise while it is filled of great number of the spots of tourists and beautiful landscapes. Above him, the voyage from Japan is a great adventure, where you can find some people humble and polished. People deciding to travel Japan are sure to have unforgettable experience. There is no doubt that displacement in Japan could be a little expensive, but benefitting from the packages of some tourists, it can be made available.

Independently of the high level of life, the excursion of Japan can be valid. But the travellers conscious of budget, who seek a manner economic to travel Jpan, can reduce their price on costs of transport. The food and the voyage from Japan are the remarkable things in Japan and abundant of the seafood on the island of Japan is excellent for its in love. The majority of the people thinks of MT. Fuji, a guided area of Japan and the sushi, a fish believed after having heard of the voyage of word towards Japan. The hot bath in Japan is also very famous and different from that of other countries. It regenerates and of the revigorates its spirit. Have marvellous experience in thermal springs of Japan, particularly in the towns of Mei and Nagano.

The stay in Japan can also be made cheaper with the stay in the discount or the hotels of budget, which can be held in advance by a certain site in line of reservation. It avoids any type of argument on reaching the foreign ground and thus, helps you by appreciating the tourist visit and to explore the country. Choose a cheap hotel for an economic stay, according to your taste and condition. The expenses vary with the number of equipment and approvals. It can also be useful for a prolonged stay and besides, the greatest advantage of these hotels is that they can easily be found around several tourist attractions.

The travellers can easily see and acquire the experiment according to their taste on this continent. The great number of the temples and the tombs and the places oozing outside the traditional call generate environment calming for some occupied and peaceful travellers religious. The visit Osaka and Tokyo for modern prospects and appreciate these metropolitan zones. You are sure to find a visit tourist pleasant. Do not forget to appreciate its train of ball, functioning at a speed of 300km/hr.

The excursion towards Japan can be appreciated better in the season of the autumn and spring, C- with-D in June, July and August, because it strongly rains and time is completely pleasant. Thus, the plan and have the nice voyage to Japan the nearest time.

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 Unlike in Western countries there is a huge variety of hotels and other places to stay in Japan.    I was so surprised at the variety and purpose of each one.  Hotels of Japan


 People often ask me when I go home to Canada, about interesting facts about Japan and the culture of Japan.


 Lovely Okinawa

by Wataru Miyashita
Miyashita Discovers Okinawa`s Food on a 
Recent Trip to these beautiful islands 

I was surprised at the difference between Okinawa foods and 
my usual foods. I will describe the characteristics of Okinawa 
foods here.

I had a lot of Okinawa foods; “Goya”, “Okinawan noodle”, 
“Yanbaru beef” and so on.
I thought that most of Okinawa foods were odd tasting.
I mean they’re not always tasty for citizens of the main island.
For example, “Goya” was very bitter. I didn’t like it.
“Okinawa noodles” are Chinese noodles for the citizens on 
Okinawa Island.
But I thought that they are “Japanese noodles” rather than 
“Chinese noodles” for citizens of the main island
They were plain compared with “Chinese noodles”.
Meanwhile, “Yanbaru beef” was very tasty. I liked very much. 
But I love any meat…

Not to change the subject but, I think that Okinawa seems to be 
a wonderland. The ocean is really clear blue. The Fish iare 
also blue. It’s really different from “Shonan”.
I recommend that you travel to Okinawa.

Tokyo: Land of Ancient Traditions and Modern Technology
Author: Joseph H.

Tokyo has numerous outlying islands, which extend as far as 1850 km from central Tokyo. Because of the islands' distance from the administrative headquarters of the metropolitan government in Shinjuku, local offices administer them.

The Izu Islands are a group of volcanic islands and form part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. The islands in order from closest to Tokyo are Izu Ōshima, Toshima, Niijima, Shikinejima, Kozushima, Miyakejima, Mikurajima, Hachijojima, and Aogashima. Izu Ōshima and Hachijojima are towns. The remaining islands are six villages, with Niijima and Shikinejima forming one village.

The Ogasawara Islands include, from north to south, Chichi-jima, Nishinoshima, Haha-jima, Kita Iwo Jima, Iwo Jima, and Minami Iwo Jima. Ogasawara also administers two tiny outlying islands: Minami Torishima, the easternmost point in Japan and at 1,850 km the most distant island from central Tokyo, and Okino Torishima, the southernmost point in Japan. The last island is contested by the People's Republic of China as being only uninhabited rocks. The Iwo chain and the outlying islands have no permanent population, but host Japanese Self-Defense Forces personnel. Local populations are only found on Chichi-jima and Haha-jima. The islands form the village of Ogasawara.

Tokyo is one of the three world finance "command centres", along with New York and London. Tokyo has the largest metropolitan economy in the world. According to a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Tokyo urban area (35.2 million people) had a total GDP of US$1,191 billion in 2005 (at purchasing power parity), ranking again as the largest urban agglomeration GDP in the world.
Tokyo is a major international finance center, houses the headquarters of several of the world's largest investment banks and insurance companies, and serves as a hub for Japan's transportation, publishing, and broadcasting industries. During the centralized growth of Japan's economy following World War II, many large firms moved their headquarters from cities such as Osaka (the historical commercial capital) to Tokyo, in an attempt to take advantage of better access to the government. This trend has begun to slow due to ongoing population growth in Tokyo and the high cost of living there.

Tokyo was rated by the Economist Intelligence Unit as the most expensive (highest cost-of-living) city in the world for 14 years in a row ending in 2006. This analysis is for living a Western corporate executive lifestyle, with items like a detached house and several automobiles.

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