Things Not To Do In Japan
Some tips on things that may be rude to others in Japan.

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Culteral Differences

Often, in Japan, there are many things you are expected to not do in public that may seem strange for foreigners. But remember that Japan was not long ago an island that cut itself off from foreign intervention.

Eating And Walking

Might be common in America, especially with chips or something like that, but in Japan you typically must sit down to eat, not in public places like subways.

Blowing Your Nose

Don't blog your nose in public, as it is considered extremely rude in Japan. Much like some (most) people consider public farting very rude in North America.

Public Affection

Kissing (and often hugging) is not considered appropriate in public in Japan, and is generally frowned upon.

Not Slurping (You SHOULD SLURP)

Not slurping is rude. That's right, you should slurp in Japan. Slurping shows that you're eating too fast because you like the food - it's a real telltale sign of whether or not you like what you're eating. Only slurp for noodles and soup, though. Do not have to slurp much else (never tea).