Lesson 1
Introduction to the Japanese Language.
Japanese Language Tutorials

The Japanese Langauge

One of the most interesting langauges in all the world is Japanese. It's tough to write on a computer, but when put on paper it looks elegant and well-refined. Not nearly as simple as Romanian languages can be (those that use regular letters like A, G, or U), but with a much more unique style and flair.


Now, learning Japanese is not going to be a picnic. There are a lot of rules to remember, and ideas to remember - but, fortunately there are much less confusing exceptions hidden in this language.

Start by remembering that in Japanese, you don't have to use the entire subject everytime... which is why you might here a Japanese english speaker leave out certain words.

Example Dialog If Japanese Spoke English At A Restaurant:

"I want some chicken teriyaki please.
Give white rice too."

Notice that the speaker did not use the pronoun in the second sentence? This is how they would say it in Japanese. It's easy to infer who the waiter should give the white rice to. Sometimes, it's not so easy. Just keep in mind, you'll miss a lot of things if you don't understand this when listening to the Japanese language.

Lesson 2