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               Japanese is said to be one of the most difficult languages to translate or interpret. The reason for the difficulty might come from the contrasting grammatical order to that of English and the complexity of the honorific expression. In addition, there are so many factors to be considered: three types of characters (Hirakana, Katakana, and Kanji), regional dialects, gender differences, and styles of writing (desu/masu or da/dearu).

            We specialize Japanese language having a network of experienced Japanese <> English translators and Interpreters.

* If you are interested in seeing a simple example of how the Japanese grammatical order differs from that of English and how the three types of characters are intermingled; please click here. 

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          Tea Ceremony





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Japanese <> English Translation & Interpreting

Arts & Humanities, Business, Computers, Engineering,  Law, Entertainment, Industry & Technology, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Pure Sciences, Social Sciences, and more.

We also provide personal document translation such as:

Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Wills, Academic Degrees, Diplomas, Naturalization/Immigration documents, Websites, Emails, and others.


  • Japanese Translation Links places a strong emphasis on not only appropriate use of Japanese but also easy to understand translation in any field.
  • Japanese Translation Links follows the American Translators Association's Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices.
  • Japanese Translation Links provides services at competitive rates.


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