Language Learning Sites

Very engaging podcast lessons for free.  From beginner to advanced learners.  Download to your mp3 or ipod. 
A social networking site that connects students from around the world who are learning Japanese and students in Japan who are learning English.  Produced by the Japan Foundation an agency of the Japanese government.
A variety of interactive games.

Hiragana and Katakana

Dajare de Karuta - based on traditional Japanese game.  You must find the Hiragana letter before your opponent.

This typing game from Nakayoshi Comics has you type the letters of the falling words before they hit the ground.

Nihon Mura  has a good practice site for recognizing and practicing Hiragana and Katakana.

Ultimate Kana Challenge is from Purdue University.  You must clear the screen of the selected Hiragana or Katakana characters as quickly as possible.

Hiragana practice game and Katakana practice game from Andrea Shea of California State University.


The Kanji Site is a good site that teaches the kanji necessary for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Get your computer to do word processing in Japanese.  Go  and check out PC tips.

On-line Dictionaries

Jim Breen's on-line dictionary located at Monash University.

Pop jisyo is an on-line dictionary and translator.

Japanese Culture and LIfe

Trends in Japan  looks at the latest in science and technology, music, pop culture and more.