About JapanDealer

About JapanDealer

Welcome to JapanDealer  - Your Japanese dealer auction agent for  Video Games, Accessories and many many more items from 

Japandealer  was established
 in 2004 but from 2010 moved their office in Japan. Our mission is to supply Japan / Asian import video games, consoles & accessories and many many others object, gadgets and stuff  at reasonable price. 

Products are sourced from 
Japan, 100% original and reliable products.  We only procure video consoles and games from game shops and test them before ship  to our customers. This assures that all game, arcade jamma pcbs, consoles and software are authentic and genuine 100% working.

A Brief History

From 2004 JapanDealer find and sell games from Japan to his customers but only in 2010 we decide to move our office directly in Japan for cut prices and give to you all the best and competitive prices possible.
Import gaming business requires extensive customer care and services, someone who understand what you are buying, not only take and repack. We are collectors and players who serve collectors and players so we understand what you want, what you need.

Business Scope

We can supply you all types of items, not only games. Our product lines include:

  • Console games
  • PC games
  • Accessories
  • Arcade Sticks
  • Arcade games
  • Arcade accessories
  • Cabinet parts
  • Gadgets
  • Gaming guides
  • Anime video
  • A wide collection of retro and classic games
  • And many many more

We’re sorry but we cannot serve big items over 30kg size like arcade machines etc. We are working to fix that soon so until then we cannot do it.

Reputation & Security

We are a 
Verified PayPal Premier Account . So please pay us by Credit Card / PayPal with confidence.  

We are also on ebay but we prefere sell our items directly to our customers and keep prices competitive. Ebay fees are too much high for  make this possible.

Thank You!

Please feel free to let us know if you have any comments / suggestions.

Finally, we hope you enjoy staying with JapanDealer.