2018 JAPAN DAY (17th)
24-25 February 2018 The Cloud and Shed 10, Queens Wharf, Auckland
Health & Safety Plan
Please read through the link file carefully to ensure that you follow rules of Japanday 2018.

Stall/Exhibition fees and allocation map
Terms and Conditions
By applying to Japan Day you are deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions (1-19) as described below.

1. Application
Please submit application on line. Please complete one application form for each category, i.e. if you are applying for both food stall and stage show, you need to submit 2 separate applications. If you are selling any food, please apply for a food stall.

2. Stage Attractions
For stage attractions/demonstrations, please attach a separate sheet to your application, describing the content in detail. We will assess the content and notify you as to whether it is considered to be appropriate for Japan Day. In some cases, we may request that you to alter or modify a part of the content and/or to perform at a location other than the stage area.

3. Booth/Stall allocation
The JSA Japan Day Committee reserves the right to allocate a suitable booth/stall according the following priority; Japan Day sponsors, JSA membership and date of application accepted. In some cases, we may propose a change of booth/stall location to avoid similar products being sold or items exhibited next to each other. We may ask you to change the content of your booth/stall, if there are too many of the same type of booth/stall.

4. Booth fee
Booth fee varies according to the size of booth/stall and shown in the application form. A unit size is 3m x 3m. To qualify for JSA member discount, the principal applicant must be a JSA member. If you are interested in becoming a JSA member or a supporting company, please contact info@ jsa.org.nz or apply through the JSA website, http://jsa.org.nz/

5. Marquee
If you are using an outdoor space, please supply and prepare your own marquee.

6. Table and chair hire
Please fill in the application form for table and chair hire. You can bring your own tables and chairs at no extra charge.

7. Electricity
Electricity can be supplied at additional cost. Please request for electricity in your application. There will not be any guarantee of electricity power points near your site. Bring your own extension cables and power adapters (if required). Under NZ Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010, all extension cables, power adapters and appliances will be “tag tested” on the morning of the event by a certified electrician. Only successfully “tag tested” appliances can be used on Japan Day.
For details of the regulations, visit the website, http://www.legislation.govt.nz/regulation/public/2010/0036/latest/DLM276...

8. Food Safety and Temporary Food Stall License
Please ensure good hygiene practices are adhered to and follow New Zealand Food Safety Regulations for handling and storing food. It is compulsory to obtain a Temporary Food Stall License. A Food Safety Official will carry out an inspection on the event day, and stalls not complying with regulations may be closed.

9. Fire Safety Regulations and Cooking
Cooking must be compliant with fire safety regulations. If you need to use cooking equipment in your stall, please contact us to check what you can use in the indoor and outside areas. You must also have a fire extinguisher if you are cooking. If you do not have one, the Fire Safety Officer may close your stall on the day.
You must use protective sheets or cardboard to cover the area under and around your food stalls. Failure to use protective sheets or cardboard will result in your stall being asked to be closed. No oil or food spills must be left on the concrete/flooring. Should there be any additional cleaning required, you will be liable for the cost. Dispose used oil in the used oil bin provided.
There is no kitchen facility for rinsing and cleaning cooking tools and utensils. Therefore, ensure you have enough clean cooking tools, utensils and plates etc. Please take all your cooking tools back home for cleaning.

10. Rubbish/Clean up
Please take your rubbish (polystyrene and plastic) home with you. We only have enough rubbish bins for customers. You may leave cardboard boxes (flattened out) in the designated area after the event. Please ensure that your stall/booth area is properly cleared to its original state. Should there be any additional cleaning required, you will be liable for the cost.

11. Sale of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages
Sale of alcohol is restricted on Japan Day and a Liquor Special Licence is required from Auckland Council. Please also note that you are not permitted to bring any alcoholic drinks to the venue for your own consumption.
There are some restrictions to the sale of non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks, juice, tea, coffee and water etc. The Japan Day Committee reverses the right to prioritise the sale of non-alcoholic beverages according to the following priority; Japan Day Sponsors, JSA membership and the date of application accepted.
Please discuss the type of beverages you intend to sell with the Japan Day Committee for approval, or email your enquiries tofood.jd@jsa.org.nz

12. Confirmation of your application
Once your application is received by JSA, we will send you an invoice. Upon receipt of your payment, we confirm the acceptance of your application. If you do not hear from us within 14 days from the date of your submission, please contact us through this website or email (info@japanday.org.nz).

13. Inspection of "The Cloud" and "Shed10" at Queens Wharf
We will let you know the date and time as soon as possible.

14. Pack in day - Saturday 24th February 2018
Set up for booths and stalls are to be completed on Saturday 24th February (pack in day) or by Sunday 25th February (event day) early morning. JSA Japan Day Committee will contact you regarding the set up times and procedures.

15. Dismantle day - Sunday 25th February 2018
All property must be cleared by Sunday 25th February 2018, after the event. JSA Japan Day Committee will contact you regarding dismantle times and procedures.

16. Parking
Visitors to use public car parks in the CBD.
For loading/unloading, you may park your vehicle(s) in front of the loading zone at the north end of The Cloud and the north end of Shed 10. Do not park your vehicle(s) in this area for a long time, as your vehicle(s) may be towed away at your expense. Once you finish loading/unloading, please park your vehicle(s) outside Queens Wharf or at a public car park.

ATMs are available on Queen Street and in the CBD. Please bring enough cash change for your stall and/or provide your own EFTPOS machine.

18. Fees and cancellations
Applications close on the 9th of February 2018 or when all the spaces are taken, which ever occurs first.
Cancellation fees will apply after the 22nd of January (50%) and after the 12th of February 2018 (100%).
i.e. If you withdraw your application on or before the 21st of January 2018, the full amount of your application fee will be refunded. 
      If you withdraw your application between the 22nd of January and the 11th of February, 50% of your application fee will be refunded. 
      If you withdraw your application less than two weeks prior to Japan Day, i.e. the 12th of February or later, there will be no refund of your application fee.

19. Health & Safety Plan
Please read through the link file carefully to ensure that you follow rules of Japanday 2018.