Q: Application
How can I apply for Japan Day as an exhibitor?

You can apply for Japan Day as an exhibitor.

Q: Sponsors
Who can apply to be a sponsor for Japan Day 2018?

Anyone can apply.
The Committee Members of Japan Day 2018 then consider the sponsorship application for approval.

Q: Sponsors
I would like to be a sponsor for Japan Day 2018. What benefits will get?

Please read the Sponsorship Guide in this Japan Day 2018 website.

Q: Cancellation policy
Do we get refund if we cancel/withdraw our application?

If you withdraw your application on or before the 21st of January 2018, the full amount of your application fee will be refunded.

If you withdraw your application between the 22nd January and the 11th of February, 50% of your application fee will be refunded.

If you withdraw your application less than two weeks prior to Japan Day, i.e. the 12th of February or later, there will be no refund of your application fee.

Q: Detail changes
Can I change my stall from inside to outside?

To change the content of your application, please contact us as soon as possible.

Q: Car parking
Where can I park my vehicle?

Please use the public car parks or street parking in the CBD.
The parking area in Queens Wharf is restricted to loading and unloading only.

Q: Fire Safety Regulations
What is the Fire Safety Regulations and how does it apply to Cooking at Japan Day 2018?

The Fire Safety Regulation is a legislation to ensure the public's safety from fire hazards and safe evacuation in the event of fire.
Please have a portable fire extinguisher when cooking and take reasonable fire prevention precautions.
For more information check http://www.legislation.govt.nz/regulation/public/2006/0123/latest/DLM382...

Q: Alcohol
Can I sell alcohol?

The sale of alcohol is restricted and you will require a Special Alcohol Licence. If you would like to sell alcohol, please inquire for further information.

Q: Standby time
How long is the standby time before my actual performance starts?

The standby time is approximately 15 minutes.
However, if the act before your performance is e.g. 15mins x 2=30minutes, your standby time will be approximately 30 minutes.

Q: Newsletter
How can I advertise in The Japanese Society of Auckland Newsletter?

Contact JSA Publishing department at kaiho@jsa.org.nz with your inquiries.

Q: 日本人会入会

日本人会ウェブサイトwww.jsa.org.nz をご参照下さい。