Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Bleeding heart, Glory bower, Clerodendron

 Available in:

3 inch

1 gallon steaked

3 gallon trellis


Family: Verbenaceae (ver-be-NAY-see-ay) 
Genus: Clerodendrum (kler-oh-DEN-drum) 
Species: thomsoniae (tom-SON-ee-ay) 


Clerodendrum thomsoniae is an attractive bushy twining evergreen shrub from tropical West Africa and is known as a bleeding heart vine and the glory bower. Blooms mostly from April to October - November in natural conditions of tropical climate.  As long as you provide lots of light to it, it will bloom most of the time.  The flowers have a white calyx and red corolla and are in clusters.  The leaves are a glossy dark green and are from 5 to 7 inches long (18 cm).  Clerodendrum thomsoniae is an excellent tub or hanging basket plant. It needs a good rich potting soil with sand added to improve drainage. Clerodendrum thomsoniae needs to be kept moist but not exceedingly wet with plenty of good light. Since Clerodendrum thomsoniae blooms on new growth it is, best to cut them back after blooming.