Tibouchina Grandiflora

 Glory Flower, Large-leaf Princess Flower


3 inch pots

1- Gallon pots



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Tibouchina Grandiflora


Family: Melastomataceae

Genus: Tibouchia      

Species: Grandiflora      


This princess flower steals the show whenever it is used.  This tropical can be grown in the landscape as an annual or as a container plant on the porch, patio or deck.  The handsome foliage adds texture and interest to shrub borders and foundation plantings while delivering splashes of color. 

Tibouchina Grandiflora has large fuzzy leaves, with a fine dark green color that are a show of their own even when this beauty is not in bloom.  The flowers are produced on large panicles with dozens opening at once.
Plant in full sun for best color and maximum flowering. 
The Tibouchina prefers rich fertile soil but it is able to adapt to other soils as well if mulched, fed and periodically watered regularly; do not over water.  
Be sure to fertilize for best flowering growth.
 This fast growing shrub is quick to recover from frost and freeze dieback. It is very attractive bright purple flowers are especially enjoyable and good for cutting.
The princess flower is seldom bothered by pest or disease.  It is easy to grow and requires little maintained once established.
Sun Exposure:  Full to part shade
Growth Habits:  Shrub to 8 feet tall
Origin:  Brazil
Hardiness: USDA Zones 8-12.
In Zone 8 freezing temperatures will kill back, the plant but they usually report with the return of warm weather and recover to bloom in mid to late summer.