princess flower ,Glory Flower

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Tibouchina grandiflora

Family: Melastomataceae

Genus: Tibouchina (tib-OO-kee-nuh) 



Tibouchina urvilleana is native to Brazil. The Princess flower is a very popular landscape plant in frost free areas around the world.

This tender evergreen is a vigorous grower that forms majestic mounds of handsome foliage that is covered during the warm months with big beautiful bluish purple flowers. The princess flower is one of my favorite flowering shrubs and virtually everyone who encounters it falls for the princess flower.  The simple leaves are a silvery velvety green and often tinged with red and are lighter on the undersides. They are large and coarse and 2-4.   Princess flower blooms heavily in summer and sporadically throughout the year. The brilliant purple flowers are 3 in (7.6 cm) in diameter and so vividly colored they appear fluorescent.

Princess flower prefers rich fertile soil but it is able to adapt to other soils as well if mulched, fed and periodically watered. Fertilize after each bloom cycle for optimum flowering. Light: Prefers sunny situations but the princess appreciates afternoon shade in areas with high summer temperatures.
   USDA Zones 8-12. In Zone 8 freezing temperatures will kill back the plant but they usually re sprout with the return of warm weather