Orchids (Orchidaceae family) are the largest and most diverse of the flowering plant (Angiospermae) families, with over 800 described genera and 25,000 species. Some sources give 30,000 species, but the exact number is unknown since classification differs greatly in the academic world. 
The Love of Orchids is mostly of my better half.  He really has many favorites.   The one thing we do both agree on is.  We would rather spend the extra monies on buying exotic and different orchids then what we would call common orchids, which are really much the kind you find in simple floral arrangements or purchase at your local hardware store.   

 Currently our  Orchids are not available for sale yet, I hope by summer some of the babies will be big enough to talk Larry into selling.  Still I have people ask me all the time about buying and growing orchids so, I did not want to leave them off our web site. 
I have posted some photos of some of our Orchids and some links for you to enjoy.




Links for you 


Selby Garden

RF Orchids

Beautiful Orchids