Datura / Devil's Trumpet

Jimson Weed, Devil's Trumpet, Downy Thorn-Apple

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Datura metel - Double Purple


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Jimson Weed, Devil's Trumpet, or Downy Thorn-Apple

The Devil's Trumpet is a shrub-like annual native to China.  It grows 3 or 4 feet tall with large, dark green leaves, with purple stems. The foliage has a rank smell, but the large, seven-inch trumpet-shaped flowers have a sweet fragrance, especially in the mornings and evenings. Datura metel will produce single, double, and even triple flowers.
Devil's Trumpet is toxic and can cause vomiting or seizures. Many beautiful plants are toxic though so do not be scared to plant Devil's Trumpet. You might just want to plant it in area away from your pets and areas where small children play. I have three dogs and two cats at home and they have never bothered to eat or chew on any of my plants.  However, if you know you have animals that do so then I would recommend planting this away from their areas.  
Datura metel will produce single, double, or even triple flowers. Their seven-inch flowers can be white, yellow, or purple with a white center.
 Devil's trumpets are an easy way to add unique showy color to your landscape.
They will bloom profusely until the first frost.
Hardiness: USDA Zones 5-10. In Zones 8 and 9, usually survives the winter underground and sprouts anew in the spring. In cooler climates (Zones 5-7), can be grown as an annual from seeds started indoors, or the root can be dug in the fall and kept indoors until spring.
 Daturas are great plants for beginners.