Clerodendron ugandense / 
Blue Butterfly Flower

Butterfly Bush, Blue Glorybower,Butterfly Clerodendrum

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 Family:  Verbenaceae (ver-be-NAY-see-ee)
Genus:  Clerodendrum  (kler-oh-DEN-drum)
Species:  ugandense (yoo-gand-EN-see)

 From spring through fall appear the delicate and intricate flowers, suggestive of a butterfly in flight. To create this illusion the flower has four pedals a light blue color with the bottom petal violet blue and the pistil and stamens arch outward and upward. Black, fleshy fruit follows the spring blooms. Plant in part to full  sun and irrigate regularly. Hardy to about 20-25 degrees F. Can be pruned back continually to keep the plant more compact. This species will take rather cooler conditions than most tropical clerodendrums.
Clerodendron ugandense is an evergreen climber native to tropical Africa.   It has bright green, elliptical leaves 3-5 inches long and blooms year round in zones 9 - 11.
 Grow this clerodendrum in partial to full sun
  Water freely in growth but reduce watering in winter.
Prefers fertile, moist but well-drained acidic to neutral soil
Blue butterfly bush performs best in a frost-free climate, but it is root hardy in zones 8 and 9, freezing to the ground in winter, but returning from its roots in spring. 
  It is an enthusiastic grower, so pruning is recommended. You can undertake this pruning/shaping right after the plant has finished flowering.