Conflict Resolution and Character Development

Our school is a MEMBER SCHOOL of The Character Network. We play stories by Jim Lord and our Anza students for our entire student body weekly. These stories encourage a BULLY-FREE, safe environment for our campus while promoting POSITIVE PERSONAL VISION for each of our students. The Character Network offers these same stories plus a number of other resources for use by students and parents at home FREE OF CHARGE when you use our school's MEMBER CODE. The regular subscription price is $29.95 per year, but because our school is a member, it is available to you FREE by visiting this

Once there, notice the blank for "Member Code." 

Simply enter our school's member code: 2396-15 . (It is important to enter all the numbers including the dash.)

Please use these resources FREE as a part of helping to reinforce at home the positive messages your child hears at school! 

Please take time to review the A, B,C, D's of Conflict with your child:
A - Avoid, walk away if you can
B - Be calm and breath
C - Communicate with Confidence (examples: "Leave me alone. Stop, I don't like that.") 

D - Don't make things worse by arguing or fighting.


The definition of bullying:
Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself (an imbalance of power). 

Wednesday Stories for 2016:

January 6 Bully Alert: Comparing Grades