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Hello Anza Family,


My name is Jorge Paz, and I am the Anza counselor.  I look forward to working with you and all of the Anza Eagles this year. I plan to be out and about at arrival and dismissal as well as recess and lunch, as often as possible.  I have been working closely with Mr. Paredes and all of the Anza staff to make sure we have another successful year.  

Homework Help

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Separation Anxiety

With the start of school right around the corner I wanted to share my recent experience with my daughter's first day of kindergarten. My daughter attended preschool, so I didn't anticipate her having any anxiety on her first day of school. I noticed her initial excitement diminishing as we neared the day. I became cognizant of her anxiety when she refused to participate in shopping for her school clothes and other materials. I knew that I had to begin preparing her for her first day of school.


I myself am transitioning into a new school and had anxiety about it. However, in preparation for the new school year I found confidence. Preparation removed the anxiety which will allow me to focus solely on getting to know my Anza family. Thus, I figured my baby girl would benefit from preparation.


When my daughter started at a new school I took her to see the campus and organized play dates with some of her old preschool classmates who are also attending the same school. I began to speak to her about my first day of school always highlighting the positives. In addition, we had play dates where we met at the park to organize backpacks, utensil boxes etc... When first day of school came it went off without a hitch. I truly feel that the preparation eased her anxiety.


Transitions are always difficult however if we prepare for them we can diminish the anxiety levels. The following video provides additional strategies for both parents and students first day of school. I hope you find it useful and look forward to working with you.


Mr. Paz

Helping to Ease Separation Anxiety: Advice for Parents