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 The Vestibulum and the "Orbis Sensualium Pictus" (The Visible World in Pictures), and other educational works written by Comenius, many with a focus on grammar, are useful introductory textbooks.

 Comenius believed the teacher should use visual aids, and, where possible, actual physical models. All the items mentioned in the text are referenced with numbers to engravings, that are positioned alongside the text,which is a simplified encyclopaedia. 

 You will learn astronomy, climatology, zoology, botany, human anatomy, philosophy, geography, geometry, musical instruments, warfare, politics, jurisprudence.
 You will accomplish two things - you will build up a vocabulary of a few thousand Latin words, acquire a knowledge of simple grammatical structures ( the sentences are all relatively simple) and in addition, and gain an insight into the world, as it was understood by a Protestant Renaissance scholar in the mid 1600's. 
Comenius' Vestibulum (Audio)
 (English and Latin and Latin-only review)
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*The Vestibulum teaches essential vocabulary, using very short sentences

Comenius Orbis Pictus - The World in Pictures (Audio)
 Latine - Latin Only
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Comenius' Orbis Pictus (Audio) (English-Latin)
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The Orbis Pictus will build a solid beginner's vocabulary. It builds up from the vestibulum, using simple sentences. This famous text is suitable for absolute beginners, or more advanced students wishing to expand their vocabulary, so that they can read a broader spectrum of texts.Even if you have studied Latin for several years, this text will be able to broaden your vocabulary.

GCSE Vocab (Audio) (hard) (English-Latin)
 Each word is read in English and Latin, so correct quantity is learned naturally. Hundreds of words are presented - this audio material is intended to be listened to multiple times - initially this will be quite tiring, if not utterly bewildering and will seem too fast - however, this system will help to build your vocabulary rapidly, and, if refreshed on a monthly basis, the words you have learned will become consolidated. 
You will not learn all the words on the first listen through.

Imaginum Vocabularium Latinum (Images)

Originally created in 2007 for my personal use - it is an illustrated vocabulary of over 3300 items, and has its core source  a nineteenth century word list covering a selection of topics. This has been supplemented with more modern material drawn from a variety of lexical sources. The included image files cover the following topics: army, birds, boats, the body , buildings, clothes, Comenius . These image files include labelled photos of all body parts - so, please look over this material before use with a young student. You can easily delete or move an image elsewhere, or create subcategories, once you have downloaded them. Turn them into a slideshow as a fun way to learn and review vocabulary.
Source Texts: Morgan's Lexicon
Comenius' Janua Linguarum

Vocabulary Lessons in Verse Coleridge (Audio)
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Sara Coleridge, sister of the celebrated poet, wrote a lovely collection of poems for teaching Latin, addressed to dear Henry and Edith, her children. I suppose her brother had a hand in these delightful verses as well, which make learning a foundational Latin vocabulary a little bit easier.  It makes a pleasant change from the usual method of learning words.

 Swallowing The Dictionary (Audio)

Over 100 years ago, Walter Ripman, in his 'Handbook of the Latin Language', organized Latin vocabulary into domains and subdomains. The noted New Testament scholar, Howard Marshall, noted that Ripman's reference was "an extremely useful way of organizing the material for a student learning Latin vocabulary."

This audio version has 50 semantic fields, with sub-fields. It closely follows the pioneering work of Ripman. Each word is read in English and Latin.  Tens of thousands of words are presented - this audio version is intended to be listened to multiple times - initially this will be quite tiring, if not bewildering - however, this system will help to build your vocabulary rapidly, and, if refreshed on a monthly basis, the words you have learned will become consolidated, and new words and idiomatic expressions will become engraved in your mind with each subsequent iteration. 
The digital download includes some additional experimental revision audio files in Latin only - you might want to put these in a separate folder after download.

Kleine Lateiner - The Little Latin Reader (Audio)

(Latin only)

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Der Kleine Lateiner is essentially a re-write of Comenian material,with much in common with the Orbis Pictus. It is a useful text to use to revise and consolidate the Orbis Sensualium Pictus, as the wording is often slightly different, but the subject matter will be familiar.