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Millner's Serial and Oral Latin Course  (Textbook and Workbook in pdf)

First Course: Steps One to Two Hundred (no audio, textbook and workbook only)
This textbook teaches Latin using the Serial and Oral Method developed by Jean Manesca. He published a famous,and much imitated, French method; in the introduction, he outlined the implementation of the method for Latin. 

Over 180 years later, Evan der Millner has realised this idea, with the first course of lessons in his 'Serial and Oral Latin Method'. 

The student is taught one thing at a time, and exercised on it in the target language.

 The method develops gradually, but in such a way that most of the student's time is spent entirely in the target language, with the result that the student rapidly acquires the language. In broad outline, the course follows Adler's Practical grammar. 

Henri Ollendorff  'ripped off' Manesca's method, producing a very popular series of language textbooks, however, he misunderstood the true nature of the Serial and Oral method - so that Ollendorff's books, and Adler's Latin adaptation of Olledorff's German Method for Latin are only imperfect attempts to implement a true Serial and Oral system - nevertheless, Adler still remains a brilliant textbook for learning to speak Latin. The Serial and Oral Course re-written by Evan Millner, is much better.

It includes proper dialogues, stories in simple Latin, and grammar drills in Latin. 

The second course, comprising the next 200 steps, is currently in production.

Lowe, Butler et al - Beginner's Latin Course
based on Caesar (Audio)

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English and Latin. The audio edition contains the audio of the textbook, with additional materials.

This is a comprehensive introduction, which also lays down an overview of Latin grammar as it proceeds through the material line by line. 

The audio material covers Book One of Caesar's Gallic War, from Chapter 1 to Chapter 28.

* Grammar Course

* Vocabulary audio files.

* literal translation in English in audio.

contains all the vocabulary in audio for book one of De Bello Gallico. Each word or phrase is read in Latin - English - Latin. 

Underwood Latin Course (Audio) 

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Underwood wrote his course for medical students taking the Latin

examinations at London's Guild of Apothecaries and the Royal College of Physicians in the early 1800's. These students, as non-Latin specialists, required a  common-sense approach. The result is a very accessible beginner's Latin course. It would also be useful as a revision course for the more seasoned student, as it approaches the subject from a fresh angle.  I am very fond of this course - it is very well constructed - traditional in its approach, but, Underwood has a rare knack for being able to explain matters with great clarity.

Audio Visual Latin Course (Text Based)

This is an Audio and Video presentation

 ( one file is in .avi format the rest are .flv) covering the first 100 pages of "Latin Without Tears" - a unique and highly effective textbooks for learning Latin from scratch, or revising and improving rusty Latin Skills. 

The text is presented in video, with a voice over and explanation. Everything is read carefully in restored classical pronunciation. Additional explanations and helps for studying the language are presented.

This is a well crafted course, written by a gifted educator. 

If you have trouble playing these files, (in .avi and .flv formats) please download the free VLC media player from Sourceforge.

Free Materials

The London Latin Course (Free) (English & Latin)

Conversational Latin (Free) (English & Latin)