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Organization Studies
Tilburg University

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Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
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the Netherlands

notes / updates
27 November 2014:
Student teams presented ideas to Terre des Hommes on how to reduce child exploittion by means of working with serious games to tackle real world problems. The student teams were selected from the course 'Organizing Strategy & Entrepreneurship' taught at Tilburg University. Please also see the following link for some more detail.

28 October 2014:
Participated in a student event with POLIS to link the career talks of alumni of Organization Studies to the current courses, skills and knowledge in the Organization Studies undergraduate program I teach in. Together with Marjolein Minderhoud, David Bogaerts and Guido Reuvers we were able to provide perspective towards the job market for organization scientists, both in research or profesionally.

2 October 2014:
Participated in an alumni event with TABOR and other colleagues from Organization Studies. We were invited to pitch recent papers with relevance for the alumni's everyday practice. My weapon of choice was a paper on collaboration overload by Rob Cross and Peter Gray. The congestion problems were very recognizable, but the solution presented by the paper was considered limited at best. Excellent session, especially to see that alumni did not lose their analytical step!

25 September 2014:
Together with colleagues I am organizing the "Micro-foundations of strategy, dynamic capbilities, knowledge and ambidexteritytopic (Standing track 13-05) of the Strategic Management SIG at  the European Academy of Management 2015.  Full paper submits are due on 13 January 2015. More information about the background of the micro-foundations sub point in this topic can be found here .

14 June 2014:
Presented my paper "The Micro-foundations of Strategic Decision-Making: A Familiar but Underexplored Avenue" at the Strategic Management Society Special Conference "Micro-Foundations for Strategic Management Research: Embracing Individuals" in Copenhagen.

research interests

  • organizations & society
  • strategic decision-making
  • microfoundations
  • collaboration within & between organizations

Working papers 

  • Jansen, R.J.G. & Chappin, M.M.H. (2015) Seed Starting the Microfoundations of Strategy: A Butterfly Effect?  (March 9, 2015). [html]
  • Jansen, R.J.G. (2013) Strategic Decision Making: The Role of Cognitive Factors and Social Networks. PhD, thesis, Tilburg University. [pdf]
  • Curşeu, P.L., Jansen, R.J.G. & Chappin, M.M.H. (2013) Decision Rules and Group Rationality: Cognitive gain or standstill? PLoS ONE. [html]
  • Jansen, R.J.G., Curşeu, P.L., Vermeulen, P.A.M., Geurts, J.L.A. & Gibcus, P. (2013) Information processing and strategic decision-making in small and medium-sized enterprises: The role of human and social capital in attaining decision effectiveness. International Small Business Journal. [pdf]
  • Jansen, R.J.G., Curşeu, P.L., Vermeulen, P.A.M., Geurts, J.L.A. & Gibcus, P. (2011) Social capital as a decision aid in strategic decision-making in service organizations. Management Decision. [pdf]
  • Gössling, T., Oerlemans, L. & Jansen, R., 2007. Inside Networks: A Process View on Multi-organisational Partnerships, Alliances and Networks. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. [EE]

links to other pages

Current & recent reads:


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