Photogråphs - they're mine


                    London Calling

This trip to London actually took place in 2006. It's kind of old news if you look at it that way, but to me it has been one of those things you just can't let go of. At that time it was something very new to me. I hadn't been abroad too many times and each time I stepped into an aeroplane I felt unbelievable... Travelling seems to make my blood run.

With me on the trip were my then-girlfriend Kaisa and her friends Anniina and Gwillym. I'm thankful for you taking me to the ultimate city adventure of my lifetime. Sharing these photos with you does a lousy job in repaying that debt. That said, others, too, please enjoy!

PS: Anni and Gwillym, see you in Edinburgh, some day!  ;~)


                    Our Trip to UKK

It were the four of us - myself, Olli, Ossi and Miika. In the beginning of 2006 we decided to ski our way through the Urho Kekkonen Kansallispuisto, which is a national park in the northern Lapland near the Russian border. It was a long way round (tm), I can tell you that! Four days and three nights of constant skiing. But I now know that I loved every minute of it, no matter how tired I was. Now I'm even happier that I know I made it in one piece along with these supermen. I owe you thanks, guys! But you already knew that..

I can't remember much details from the trip simply because it was such an exhausting physically that I literally couldn't stay awake to write any notes. But I tried, anyway, and produced a couple of sheets of dizzy flight of thought. Alas, those notes have been lost for over a year. I'll try my best to write a story to accompany the photos, but I can't promise any dates.



                    Our Trip to Korouoma

It was early 2005 when we decided to visit Korouoma, Posio. Now, this really was my first trek, ever - not counting all the compulsory activity we enjoyed in the army, of course. There's actually a nice story written beside the photos. It took me a long time and I'm sure I will be entertained by it in the years to come. :~)

This time it was the three of us, Ossi, Olli and me. If a genie came and offered me two wishes it would be to get my lower back in perfect shape again and that I could once again leave on a long trip with these two guys.

Well, everything there is to be said and wasn't covered yet is in the story. So get going and click the link!



                    My Most Bestest Photogråphs (...not ready yet...)

But I do photograph when I'm not on trips, why of course! Here are some of my best photos.

It's a mixed bag, naturally, but I have tried to force order into the chaos. The photos will be divided in sections for your convenience. This portion of the site will obviously be updated quite regularly and all the photos will be introduced in the front page when they 'emerge'.

Anyway, it's been a joy talking to you. I do hope you'd talk back, one day... :~)




Why I photograph in the first place? I asked myself...

    There was a time when I wanted to become an architect. The ambition even carried me all the way through the admission tests, where I finally noticed that my drawing skills weren't quite there, yet. Yet? Ah, forget it! I don't have time to learn how to draw or paint. I do it adequately, yes, but that wasn't good enough for me. And if it wasn't good enough for me it wouldn't be for anyone else, I figured. One day I found a photo of my father, in his youth... He told me it was taken by a childhood friend of his, who later on in his life moved abroad and started doing portrait photography as a profession. I never looked back.

Woosh! Never could I foresee the enthusiasm that grew on me. The more I delved into my parents photo albums the more I wanted to know how to do it myself. I started to read photo magazines, stuff about the technical aspects, theory and all that.. Before long I had bought my first real camera - not a cheap one, I knew, but one that offered me the room to develop the necessary skills. Now, there's a long and open road ahead...

Now, this is why I photograph. 'Hope you enjoy!

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