Olden days - the 2nd quarter of 2007

This is what happens when months go by.


  • Feel the love in Beijing...

( Written in April, 2007 )

   While packing my bags and camera gear for the trip ahead I stumbled across this lovely video straight from Beijing! See it and feel the love! I really hope I meet people like him on the trip  :)

PS: I missed MUCC's concert! Oh... Maybe next time!


  • What goes away, comes back, oftentimes

( Written in April, 2007 )

   I'm actually quite afraid  of saying this, but it seems I have to... It's time to call it a day regarding this blog. Woohoo, I hear some of you shout :D

There are simple reasons for this, the most pressing one being the fact that I honestly don't have enough spare time to just sit down and let the thoughts flow, anymore. Oh, hang on a sec! I don't mean this'll be the last you'll hear from me - no no! I'm going to take a few months off, that's all. When spring semester ends in May, you will hear from me, rest assured. The funny thing, is that I'm going to have lots of things to say and show, then, as I will be celebrating summer with a 9-day trip to China, Beijing! That's woohoo!

Besides, writing these diary entries has effectively kept me away from concentrating on the photos and travel stories, which, in my eyes, should be the heart of this site. Up to this point it hasn't been so. The reports from UKK and London are on their way and I'll be happy to add Beijing to the list when the time comes. The other thing is that as of late I've been feeling some level of pressure to write these things down.. It might've come through in my writings, for which I apologize. So, to keep myself happy and you, too, hopefully, I'll continue to update this blog *very* irregularly for the next two months.  :)

Oh, wait again.. I've totally forgot one trip that has slipped through my fingers - Tromsö, midsummer 2006! I'll definately write at least something about the long, winding road and the fantastic atmosphere in the Lapland and Norway.

This panorama isn't mine, as you might've guessed from the snowy mountaintops. This is from wikipedia, as is the link above. Oh man, I want to go back there, one day. Those other photos are mine, and while they're far from anything exciting, they're very dear to me, as souvenirs. Love that country, love that city, love that fresh scent and delicious water!

All three of these photos were shot while on a midnight stroll - yes, midnight! That bridge I'm standing on is the big one bringing the two city centres into one. One ugly beast, but sympathetic in a way. Wouldn't you say? Just like the Groke from the Moomins, right? Ahh, I digress..

I have some last moment announcements to make, and I will make them prompt, for I have early wake up. First of all, there are two sites I'd like you to pay a visit:
- Marko Ala-Kapee at pbase.com
- Aleks Talve at photo.net

I know I mentioned Aleks a while ago, but the site was discontinued and his gallery at photo.net is, in my opinion, a bit clearer and a lot faster. Anyway, it doesn't matter how you look at them, you will love the photos.

Back to China! As I can't stop thinking about it... To ease your pain (for not travelling there) I can but share these marvellous photos with you. Taken by Antti's uncle just over four years ago, the fact which you probably couldn't guess by the looks of the people and the houses. Here, take a look:

Now, I'll let my thoughts flow straight into Beijing and the end of the semester, phew! Accompanied by eastern colors, of course, interpreted here by Marko. Aren't they subtle?!

Umm, hey, what's with the exclamation mark? Dude, it's like saying "hey, are you going on a soul searching trip"? Errm?! Okay, worry not! It's nothing, nothing... It seems my ability to concentrate is diminish...


SUMMER IS COMING! FLOWERS, BLOOM! SCHOOL, PLEASE END! CAMERA BAG, HERE I COME!!! Thanks to each and every one of you, the visitors! Without this amazing support, I would've quit a long time ago, for good!


PS: Highly special "Janne-thanks" go to Kaisa, Mikko, Olli, Ossi, Jari, Ville, Tero, Miika, Anni(ina), Gwillym, Reetta, Kati, Marko, Antti, Minna, Ahti, Marja-Riitta, Olavi, Pekka, Pål... and to those whose name I forgot, of course.