Olden days - in the year 2006

This is what happens when years go by.

  • 21.12.2006 -Do you like me?-

Dr. Allison Cameron: "Do you? I need to know."
Dr. Gregory House: "No." 

What the heck?! What is this? That does it - this is the last episode of the House I'll ever watch! Yeah, I'll just watch Lost instead.. No, wait, I can't - the only cute doctor in it is Jack, and he's not a woman. Bummer.

By the way, there's some room for interpretation here - does Cameron mean 'like' or 'love'? Hmm... And which one House chose to answer to?

Heh! Hmm, perhaps I overreacted, yeah yeah... But.. *sigh* What House said.. I mean, that's like saying MacGyver isn't cool anymore!

The Christmas is closing in and I think it's time to wish you all a merry and joyous yet peaceful, refreshing Christmas! And I hope you have a great new year! :~)

Oh wait. There's no Christmas without the proper music! I'll share a secret, here.. Okay, listen up carefully because I'm only saying this once.. If you wish for a quiet, peaceful night with big snow flakes gently hovering down on you windowsill, I urge you to take the time and fly over to Poland and buy some Mozdzer Trio albums. Either 'The Time' or the newer 'Between Us And The Light' - they're both great, if not perfect. Why Poland, you ask? Because that's the only place you'll find them, sorry! :) But if you want a happy one and don't shy away from some great humour, then your choice is Gackt, singing in English! Ahh, here you go - December (Love Song):

No no, I can't let you think Gackt can't sing or perform.. Here's a bonus track - this will either chill your blood or explode your life... (a Finnish inside joke, nevermind) Here you go - Gackt Camui with Doomsday, performed live three years ago:


  • 18.12.2006 -Joink!-

Doc: This won't hurt a bit, relax... JOINK!
Me: Phanks a lo'!

Well, what I didn't know was that it hurts this much after the operation. Oh yes, I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled out just hours ago. What fun it is! As a matter of fact, it's so much fun that I'll definately do it again! To get the other two wisdom teeth off of my mouth, that is... Oh, and if I sound a bit delirious, well, that's just the pain drugs working. Not my fault.

Oh, and I do have some photo links for you, and don't you hold your breath just yet as you'll have lots of gasping to do when you see the photos! This time I'd like to introduce a friendly chap named Antti, whom I know from the photography site Aukea.net. He's shot some spectacular photos from some of the most intriguing of scenics from Norway and Finland. Here, take a look! http://personal.inet.fi/luonto/antti_partanen/index.html. And a second look!

Ohmygod! I just noticed I can't drink coffee in this state! Eww, and the blood is starting to taste pretty disgusting already...

Okay, now go take a third look... What? You already saw Antti's photos twice, is that what you're saying? Well, I don't hear your gasping just yet, so off you go, now! Oh, and I just remembered that Antti showed me a couple of photo sites that left me in awe (photo sites = photosites, get it?? awww...). But I'm planning on sharing them as Christmas gifts, not earlier ;~)

PS: And you still don't know why there's a photo of me grinning at a height three times the longest pinetrees? Well, it's a reminder of the times I still had my teeth on.. What, you can't see the wisdom teeth from it?! Oh man, there's only so much one can smile! And so many photos to choose from..

PPS: Don't say you don't understand why there's a photo of a car?! I'm supposed to be delirious, remember! And in this state it's my right to show you silly pictures. And hey, anyway, you've got to love the colour? And the car! The day they release Land Rover Freelander II that drives on hydrogen fuel, it'll be my first car. And no, it's not exactly legal to show you that image. =0)


  • 10.12.2006 -That was so great, man!-

   Wikiwik-auu!! I just finished the final version of the short story! As you can see, it changed its' name, too. Here you go: How They Came to a Deliverance - Final Edition

While I said a few days ago that the original story sucked and deserved the bin treatment - well, it did. I finally saw what a mess it was, full of hidden clues that lead nowhere along with the embarrassing ending. It was time to chop it to bits and trash all the bad ideas. Different names, different story, different theme. Or perhaps the word 'different' is a bit strong, here, as I think I had the ideas lying there but didn't use or even see them. I hope it became a lot clearer, too.

I'll leave the first draft for amusement purposes for myself..  ;~)

PS: If you want to hear what kind of music would fit in with the mood in the story.. Then try getting your hands on the music played by the Leszek Mozdzer Trio! Fake Master's Hypothesis will explain that heading, there. Songs like Pub 700, Ex Ego and Asta will teach you a lot more. Trust me. Oh, that is so great, man. Was that the best take - that was the best take. Oh **it, man.


  • 7.12.2006 -What beautiful is-

   Beautiful is something that takes over me and makes me want to write down what it is. And the beauty in it is that I don't know what to write. Or what it is. To wash away the smoke puffs around this neverending train of thought of mine, I'll write some things down. Some things that I think are beautiful.

If you've ever stopped in the middle of a road or a busy corridor and looked stupid while trying your hardest visualizing something that you'd like to see... If you've ever heard a tune conjured up by someone you know and admire that makes you stop and try to think of all the things that you think made you stop... If you take a photo and later on contemplate it and wonder how did you ever take such a good photo... Then you know something beautiful. 

I know too! Just hearing Timbaland shout out "WIKIWIKI"  makes me feel good! Finding the D.U.C.K. in the first picture of a Don Rosa comic makes my heart warm! Remembering how Kaisa wheezes "EEEEEI!" makes my eyes smile! Hearing the crowd go wild in the Nine Inch Nails song Right Where It Belongs makes me look down and quiet. Thinking back how Christmas felt when me and my brother were the size of fire extinguishers always makes me sigh in the will to catch and enjoy at least some tiny parts, instants filled with childish amazement, of that same Christmas mood. And hearing how Camui Gackt tries to sing albeit a beautiful but way too syrupy, romantic song in English makes me laugh like I never thought possible!

PS: The B&W shot through the window is mine but I don't know who shot that extraoridinarily Gackt-esque photo of... erm... Gackt himself. I bet it's under copyright, too, and I specifically leave it unsaid, because I'm a young rebel!  :~D


  • 5.12.2006 -Man, that sucks!-

  Once I was blind, but now I see... How awful can a short story be!? A horrific, to tell the truth. Ghastly. There's no other words to describe how I feel about that sad excuse of a story I wrote.

After hearing a couple of my friends' and my teacher, Patrick's, views on the first draft of "How They Came to a Surprise", I begin to see how far out my own opinion was from the truth. I now see that if a story is on the verge of starting to confuse and perplex the writer himself, there's no way any one of the readers would follow it. Perhaps I tried to stuff all the ideas that intrigued me into one single text, and a short one, at that. Lame.

You've no idea what kind of relief it was to me to hear that critique. Oh well, but that's the past! I've now got all of those weird twists in the plot and far fetched conceits out of my system. Damn, it feels good. There's only one way to go from here - and that's up! Or a bit higher, at least. Here, watch me, like this...

Let the cutting, chopping, composing and re-writing begin! :~)



  • 2.12.2006 -On exams and music-

   I can't seem to see straight, for the moment, at least.. It'll pass in few days, I know, but the feeling still bugs me. I've been reading much too long at late hours, that's all. But it doesn't matter as long as I pass the exam of Metallurgical Processes, one of the most extensive courses I've attended. I've tried once, but didn't quite make it. Stroke of luck that might end up being, in the end, as I honestly think I've learned a lot while re-reading the whole 300 pages again and again.

But hey, this is big! Would you, by any chance, remember the composer who goes by the name Nöpö Iloinen that I mentioned some time ago? Well, have I got news for you! It's me! And if you don't believe me, then ask yourself if anyone else would voluntarily choose such a name.. Right'o, buddy!

This song has been around for over two years, now, and most of my friends have heard it by now. But now, as I'm on a good mood, I'll present it to you as an Advent gift! Silent Stars by Jan.. *ahem* .. Nöpö Iloinen! (Please, click the link with the 2nd mouse button and click on the "Save Target As..." if you want to download the song.)

PS: Does this entry look somewhat odd? Somehow lacking? Ohh.. Ehmm.. Wait, now I get it - there are no photos! Darn it.. I tried to find a photo of some silent stars, but it seems I have none. Maybe it's time to get out and do something about it - it's not like it's cold out there! ;~)


  • 27.11.2006 -Hogwarts in black & white-

   Yes, I officially announce myself as a fan of the Harry Potter books! And the movies as well! I've read the books twice in Finnish and now that we have the whole set in English too, that'll be my next mission.

The films rule, too. I've watched the first one, The Sorcerer's Stone, hmm, let me think - around seven or eight times? The second, The Chamber of Secrets was quite weak, unfortunately. On the other hand, the third and fourth were so good that I'm ready to forgive the producer of the series, Chris Columbus, for not giving up the director's seat already in the Chamber.

Now, I didn't come here just to chat about how great Ms. Rowling's creation is, although it is. Very much so. So much that if Harry Potter didn't exist - and I mean the phenomenon, not the boy himself - the world would be a bit duller, unimaginative place, for many, myself included. And millions of young children wouldn't like reading.

Okay, okay, I'll give you the reason, all right! Well, I just couldn't resist the idea of visiting some of the scenes where the movies were shot when I visited London, a couple of months ago. Oxford lies just west of London, quite near, only three hours' trip on a bus. So, now I want to share a few of the shots that I took during our visit to the Christ's Church, which was - if not one of the actual filming scenes, then at least the inspiration for the way the Hogwarts with its' Great Hall and everything looks in the films. Take a closer look!

PS: The semester is coming to it's inevitable end. And this year, that says to me that I've got more exams waiting than I think I can manage. So if I'm not able to update the site as often as before, I'm sorry. But that's how life works, no? Even Karma himself (you know, the guy from "My Name Is Earl") knows that if you skip an exam or two, you'll have to make up for it, some day. For now, waiting for that day, I'm just trying to be a better person.

PPS: I think that quote will stay there for a long time! Which, by the way, will have nothing to do with me being lazy! No, no. I'm not.. I'm just such a big fan of the House ;~)


  • 23.11.2006 -The First Draft-

   Woohoo! ... Ermm. I shall kindly elaborate. Okay, so are there anyone who remembers why I created this site in the first place and for what reason? Dashed... For those who don't I can tell it was this English course that I attended in this semester called Creative Writing. This weblog has been my course journal, so to speak. The course has no final exams but instead we have to write our own short story. And guess what? Yoosh, I just wrote mine!

It's not actually ready yet, as we only had to check in the first draft, the raw and ugly version of the yet unknown final text. And after that we would in due time have a long chat with our teacher, Mr. Nesbitt, about what's right and what's wrong and what could be done if it turns out to be rubbish. I haven't had that conversation yet but I think showing you the first draft as an unedited, raw and completely original copy would be nice? So that if you're interested enough, you can decide just how good or bad it is when I wrote it and compare it to the "polished" version - when the time comes, naturally.

Here you go: How They Came to a Surprise - The First Draft written by Janne Mankila

I can give away a few words about the story.. I think the setting of the story and the "reality" around it stem from my love for fantasy novels, such as The Hobbit, Jääsilmä (written only in Finnish, to my knowledge) and to a certain degree The Lord of the Rings. As it has to be said that there are loads of horrible and annoying cliches flying around in that genre, I specifically wanted to avoid (at least the worst of) them. Beyond that, I think I'll let you do the work! Also, I've tried, to the best of my abilities, pick up some of my earlier photos to illustrate the landscape.

Go on, read it! It's not that long..  ;~)


  • 19.11.2006 -Within a Deep Forest-

   What a corny heading I've got there! 'Wonder what it means.. Oh well, as much as it sounds like the name of a Nöpö Iloinen song (I wonder who that is!) it's not. What it is, then, is one of the most intriguing little games I've ever come across! The music alone is a perfect reason to download it. It's completely free, did I mention that already?

I think one of the most revealing stories about the addictive features of this game is the one where my roommate went and introduced this game at his faculty's guild room (we have them in abundance in our school). I remember hearing that there was a guy with a laptop who first tried it - and few moments later there was this ample gathering formed around him. And the only thing you'd hear was the constant boink-boink of the ball - our hero.. Do yourself a favor and at least visit the official site here: http://withinadeepforest.ni2.se/

PS: If you want to hear more about the composer Nöpö Iloinen.. Then.. I'm afraid you'll just have to wait. Who he is and what kind of music he plays? You'll never know. Until I tell you, that is.


  • 17.11.2006 -Look at that!-

   Well, I'll be damned! No, I've done nothing wrong, nothing like that.. I'm just so surprised to find an old friend having had a keen interest in photography for so long and me not knowing about it, that's all. Ville, a friend back from my time at upper secondary school, has indeed been busy with his website! Countless bird and nature photos you'll find here along with detailed stories of his photo and other trips. Nice chap, he is, and a fine photographer. So be sure to visit: http://www.student.oulu.fi/~villesuo/

Whoa!! Okay, so I thought he had nice bird photos until I saw his other work.. They're quite ... great. Just be sure to go to the "Luontokuviagalleria"! Just noticed it's not too easy to "steal" his photos for examples, dang.. Clever chap! Here's two examples,  nevertheless.


And now's the time for other news! The D40 is now official and a hands-on preview is already published on the Dpreview site. Quite a nice to hear the viewfinder is somewhat bigger than in D70/D50. Not much, but still. The new cheapo-flash seems interesting, too. Here's the article: http://www.dpreview.com/articles/nikond40/

PS: Ville's not the only one to visit Norway! I've been there, too, and I have a photo I'd like to share with you. Look carefully - can you find the same location at one of the photos in Ville's Norway gallery?

Believe it or not, this photo was taken at around 2 pm. I'd driven all the way from Oulu (that's 11 hours), and even at that point the trip was not over - what fun!


  • 12.11.2006 -"Hey, 'think it's about ready"-

   What is? The mile-long legend about three young men destined to conquer the legendary valley of Korouoma, of course!

Here you go: Our Journey to Korouoma

Three men - the legendary Olli, the heroic and tireless Ossi and the trusty sidekick Janne (that's me), offering the non-intentional comic relief and making sure we would have at least some kind of coverage of what truly happened. 'Hope you enjoy it! And if it lights a spark in you to open your eyes and see what it is in our nature that gives us so much, please, let me know.


  • 11.11.2006 -House sweet House-

   Today, it occured to me that I don't have a chance.. I have to write about House! Yes, it aired in Thursday and now it's Saturday already, but it so happens that I taped it. What? Did you think just one viewing would be enough? No, no, silly you..

The other thing that occured to me when I watched the show with my brother - who loves the series, if possible, even more than I do - that I really wish I was bright enough to get to med school. Think about it, when you you'd have superiors as ingenious, well-advised, wise and downright witty as Greg House and cute co-workers, like Cameron for instance - I presume that comes with being a doctor, no?

And why exactly is it that I think the grass is green on the clinic? From what I've heard, it's quite the opposite! Dashed.. I guess you can't trust the TV, nowadays. I'm not even sure if the work of an archeologist is truly how the Indiana Jones movies depict. Oh well, perhaps I really do love studying safety, ergonomics and human resources at the university, after all.

PS: Yes, what a lazy portrait that is. I mean the photo.. But at least I'm not breaking any laws here - it's probably more than 97,5% legal to show you that. I even checked! So much for my image as a young rebel! One day, and this I promise, I'll infringe the copyrights..  ;~)

PPS: I think I'm dreaming or something, but I thought I saw a three digit number on the visitor counter. Am I? What, two weeks have passed since I put it on? Wow! I was expecting somewhere between ten and fifty visits during this time, and I remember thinking that one visitor per day is enough for me to continue creating this site. Again, as I said before, wow! "You can say that again!" Wow!!

Thank you guys and girls, friends and acquaintances, just for being here. *wink*



  • 8.11.2006 -Two geniuses-

   Okay, I realised there are actually people who are not fans of photography.. Previously I'd dismissed the thought as a myth or some such.. Anyway, please answer me this - if you can honestly say that you don't understand photography or that you don't like it or some other silly allegation, then do you like nature? Wildlife? The reality show that, in fact, *is* real? If the answer to all of those would be 'no', then you're a write-off.. Just kidding. But really, I know the cure!

The name of the photographer Alex Bernasconi brings back warm memories - from a time not long ago, though. To put it mildly, he is exceptional - quite extraoridinary, indeed. And I don't just mean this as a personal fanboy gibberish, but seriously, I think his photos can change the world - for some, for many. He just came back from a long shoot at Alaska, where he photographed mainly Grizzly bears, their life, their reality. Now he has made his first official website. And I really don't think any of you are going to be anything less than flabbergasted of his work.

Visit http://www.alexbernasconi.com if you want the full experience - yet, a word of warning: it didn't work on my computer, the other day. I asked him and he said he was having trouble keeping the server working under the massive traffic at his new site :) For a lighter version, you can visit his site at PBase: http://www.pbase.com/alex_beb/root.

PS: The other genius I promised is, of course, none other than the aformentioned Alfred Hitchcock! I just finished watching The Birds, and the sometimes quite weird animation tricks notwithstanding it is a magnificient film. I'll have to get one of those Hitchcock DVD-collections... More movie 'reviews' to come, so stay tuned!

PPS: Had I mentioned of a third genius, it would've been Phil Collins, or rather, the whole band, Genesis! They're coming to Finland next year, and I'm happy! And I'm a bit sad at the same time.. 230 euros is just too much for a ticket. I know that's the pre-order price but it's still ghastly! I mean, this might be the last chance.. no, it will be the last chance to see them, my favourite band of all time. Oh, the songs like Home By The Sea, Trick of the Tail, The Man In the Corner, Behind the Lines... Well, it's only money...

Flying seagulls, probably the same as in the film.. Both of the photos above are mine, not Mr. Bernasconi's, but you probably guessed it already - and yes, they're both real :)


  • 5.11.2006 -Wow! Actual news!-

   I promised to offer you news on photography in that text above - and now you shall have them! Although this isn't actually more than an educated rumour, I can promise you that Nikon is planning on releasing a new digital single lens reflex camera (i.e. digijärkkäri, in Finnish). It will be called D40 and it will be situated below the D50, which has until now been the bottom of the range of Nikon DSLR's. The attached comparison image made by Victor Gan (a frequent visitor at Dpreview.com - thanks for the permission!) will show you how it looks next to the D80. For the sake of reason, I won't tell you that the camera will probably have a 6 megapixel sensor, because... Let's face it, it doesn't matter! You'll get the benefit of clean images in low light rather than resolution, which is quite adequate even for a 75x50cm print, anyway.

Remember, I'm only forwarding this info from sources that I find trustworthy - while this model has been rumoured for long and the leak seems like a deliberate attempt to create hype (nothing new to Nikon), the specs and photos might also be completely false. I don't know :)  But I trust them. Note that Victor made a slight mistake aligning and resizing the photos. Look at the LCD on the D40 - while they're made out of exactly the same parts, the screen looks bigger than in the D80. That only means the D40 is actually a tiny bit smaller than shown here. It's not quite as wide as the D80.

Okay, now where was I... Oh, the viewfinder seems awfully similar to the one found in D50 and D70(s), which means that you will struggle, but eventually live with it. The size of the body will be similar to Canons low-end 400D, which means that you will struggle, but eventually live with it. In tiny hands it might be quite usable, though, I can't say. The initial price will probably be very low. I'll tell you one thing: if it's not under 400 euros, I'll deem the D40 totally pointless, as you can find a D50 body for as little as 450 euros! Plus, or rather minus, the D40 won't have the screwdriver system to drive the focus on those non-AF-S lenses. Bye bye, cheap Nikkor AF-D 50mm f/1.8 and such!

Now, did you understand a word of what I just said? Neither would've I had I not been into photography and Nikon gear so keenly for such a long time (two years is quite a short period, actually)... But in case you're interested, visit Dpreview.com, right now! The Nikon D50/D70/D80 forum is buzzing as we speak.


PS: Some musical sidenotes, then! Kiuas has released a new LP, called "Reformation". An interesting mix of theatrical heavy metal and charismatic Finnish voice, by Ilja Jalkanen. I like this band.. Same goes with this album. Unfortunately, there are no instant hits such as the earlier songs "Spirit of Ukko" and "Across the Snows", both of which are the rare samples of Finnish heavy metal that I'm actually proud of. Just listen to the latter while reading "Jääsilmä" and you'll feel snow flurries racing down your spinal cord. Shameless advertising and 100% non-profit!  :~)

"The Spirit of UKK"  -  A photo just for illustrational purposes. I shot that on the trek to UKK. I hope it is in the spirit of Ukko, too.


  • 2.11.2006 -Photos! Lots of them!-

   Some of you might know the fact that I have a certain bond to a place called Hailuoto.. An island lying near Oulu, it is. I've photographed a lot there and hopefully I'll never have to stop.

I have a cousin, Mikko, who knows every corner of the place and haven't left many of those undocumented. He's a hard-working photography hobbyist and has probably shot more photos of Hailuoto than I ever could in my whole lifetime! Mikko has now opened his new web site, a photo gallery where you'll find images from Hailuoto and other places as well, people, nature, and everything else I forgot to mention - and you can find it here: http://koti.mbnet.fi/mikkovil/index.html. Those three shots shown here are, naturally, Mikko's property - and they're just thumbnails, the full size versions of which you'll find at his gallery.

PS: Wow! I just saw Vertigo, the Alfred Hitchcock movie, you know.. I've always liked to watch movies in smaller bits, which is to say perhaps some twenty minutes at a time. Just to make the fun last longer - and you can nicely pour a cup of coffee down the throat in that time, too. Well.. It just didn't work this time around. I started watching it and I guess I forgot that I was tired to begin with, because the movie grabbed me by the shoulders and never let go! I mean, this happens once in a lif.. well, perhaps twice in a lifetime. Too tired to go on... Got to get zome zzzzzleeeppp...


  • 30.10.2006 -If Monday brings you down-

   Aww, it's Monday, again. Lot's of work to do.. Homework, other chores.. Boring! And I won't accept that. The only thing we need is a bit of J-Pop! Come again? Quite simply, it's Japanese pop music, and it's the best thing that's happened in the world of music since the two Davids - Bowie and Hasselhoff. C'mon, follow me into the depths of YouTube:

The first one may be familiar, as I've more or less forced all of my friends to listen to it before. If you know the name of Home Made Kazoku, you know good music! You'll feel like it's Friday already!

The second is a song from Takacha.. So, the singer isn't the greatest performer, but at least he'll make us all feel good - he's too sympathetic for anything else. Warning - listen to these songs and you'll never want to hear the run-of-the-mill R&B, hip hop, pop or any other music for that matter! Klip klop, klip klop, the horse is J-POP!


  • 28.10.2006 -Whadda Storm!-

   Woohoo, again! I guess the winter's here for good! Yesterday we, at Oulu, Finland, enjoyed a whole day of constant gale-force winds, snowfall and extremely sluggish traffic. Having spent most of the day outside, I can only tell it wasn't a weather for us humans! Neither it was a suitable weather to drive a car... On a main road with the speed limit of 100 kph we were moving at closer to 40 kph. I thought I could take some photos with my cell phone camera and show you just how did it look - please enjoy!

This particular shot here was shot in front of the movie theatre, where I went with a friend to see the Jade Warrior. Heh, and you would do well to ignore all the negative reviews written by some ancient totem poles who think it's forbidden for a movie to have a fair amount of  fantasy and imagination. Ignore also all the hard core wuxia fans, because they won't see the movie beyond the Kung-Fu. So yes, I liked it, a lot, actually!

So when I got back home from the movies, I just had to take a few photos of the final breaths of the storm. The wind had relented and the snowfall was now diminishing. The post boxes had a lovely snow topping. And as I write this down at midday, it still looks like a nice winter day. Yoshh!


  • 26.10.2006 -A Slight Hitch-

   Sorry guys, this might sound a bit awkward.. But I had to come with an excuse - and I needed it badly! So I thought I might as well use this space to express exactly how much I honor and appreciate Alfred Hitchcock for making his movies, all of them. I've only seen the Rear Window ('Takaikkuna') but I already know he's a genius! I mean, Jimmy Stewart.. And Grace Kelly.. Okay, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, consult Wikipedia immediately: http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takaikkuna. So what's the excuse? Well, it's actually the film that I haven't seen but would love to - The Birds.

A month ago, or so, I travelled to London with Kaisa to meet her friends and... to photograph in the filming locations for Harry Potter movies - starting to get confusing? So we were strolling around the Christ Church College in Oxford when I saw this wonderful, eerie inner courtyard. Quite surprisingly, even without seeing the whole film - and I mean The Birds, of course - the scene reminded of that film. Then I saw the bird! Taking off! Wow, I mean, that was weird behaviour for a bird, right? Nevermind, just see the photo! Hmm.. Now, why did I need an excuse to show you a photo? :)

PS: I added a visitor counter to the bottom of the page, just for fun. The Old News -section works now, too!


  • 22.10.2006 -Yet another update!-

   Just as I thought I couldn't do any more snow photography today, I remembered my trusty tripod! Here are two new photos, also fresh from the oven. I used a technique resembling the look that the old (or should I say the new and hip) Lomo cameras are famous for. So if they're soft, don't blame me! These were all taken around 19.00 o'clock this evening.

  • 22.10.2006 -At 17.40 o'clock-

   The snowfall is continuing but the evening gets dark fairly fast around this time of year, so I couldn't delay getting those photos anymore. Off I went outside and probably gave the neighbors a good laugh as I knelt and bent all over the place to shoot anything that had snow on it. Making someone laugh meant that today's good deed - check! Brr..

It was cold too, so I guess now it's fine for me to go get myself a hot cup of coffee and enjoy a nice episode of Jeeves & Wooster... Yeah, that'll do the trick! And by the way, those photos are very big.. Also, they're fresh from the oven so watch out for your fingers!

I'll definately keep an eye out for further developement to keep me busy for the rest of the Sunday :)

  • 22.10.2006 -First snow!-

   Woohoo! We got ourselves the first snowfall! I couldn't be happier, honestly. If there's one thing I hate about Oulu, it has to be the dark fall time when the trees are bare and look like they all got some nasty flu making them look all down and miserable. Not anymore! I'll post you one the first photos I took, but it's falling down all the time so hopefully I'll have a new set of photos of this winter wonderland by the end of the day.

That's the view at 16.10, By now, that particular leaf is already covered in snow. So I think the next time we'll see him is in, say, five or six months? (and no, I won't accept the fact that this snow will most probably melt during the next week - I'll just keep my eyes closed and mind open)


  • 21.10.2006 -Heard of Don Rosa?-

   You know, the balding Yankee who's stolen our hearts? With his comics, I mean. Well, it was quite a shock to realise that among my friends nearly all of the Finns know him, but those living in the States don't! He's the legendary Scrooge McDuck cartoonist, Keno Don Rosa, of course! So now you know him, great. Now, rush to the nearest book shop and get yourself at least one copy of his work - or all of them, if you like reading the best comic books ever!

I planned to tell you something about the man, but then I came across his pages in Wikipedia.. There's little else to say, so off you go:
http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Rosa  (the Finnish version)


  • 19.10.2006 -Vuoden Luontokuva 2006-

   Nah, I couldn't be bothered to translate it. :)  Oh well, the winner of the nature photo of the year 2006 has been chosen! The winners in all of the categories can be viewed here: http://www.luontokuva.org/default.asp?V_DOC_ID=2946 . The overall prize went to Esa Mälkönen, with "Lumisade". Actually, I'm quite pleased with the results! When the eight finalists were declared, it was this photo along with the Petri Jauhiainen's "Jääkanerva" that were my personal favourites. Yippee! So this means I've got what it takes to differentiate a great photo from a so-so one?


  • 17.10.2006 -Like Surprise Ice-

   If you ask me what beauty is, I'll sing you one song - Surprise Ice. Well, not exactly sing, but at least play it... And you'd get the sense of the frightful Ice Queen, you know, the one from the Moomins. You're looking at her and listening to her whispering. And you see she sings it with her heart in her sleeve. In a way you don't quite understand her, nothing of it. Mind-chilled, petrified and yet warmth in your heart. A beautiful song. Thank you, Kings of Convenience. 


  • 15.10.2006 -Burning down the House-

   There is a flaw in our world. It's serious. A TV-series, to be exact. Actually, two of them. Funny enough, they're the best things that have happened to my thursday afternoons. One is Lost and the other one is House. Woot! The problem is that they're being shown at the same time! Not so woot...

I like House. I'm beginning to like everything that says Hugh Laurie in it. Anyway, an actor who can convincingly come out with  <<Jeeves, I'm sure that nothing is further from your mind, but, you know, you have a way of saying "indeed, Sir", which gives the impression it's only a feudal sense of what is fitting which prevents you from substituting the words "says you".>> in quite a fast pace earns my respect. Indeed he does, Sir.

PS: *Sigh* You can imagine the two of us, me and my brother, with noses glued to the screen trying to write down the whole sentence by ear!


  • 14.10.2006 -Birthdays and blabber-

   Happy birthday, Olli! Now you're as old as I am - welcome to the club :) And thanks for the best game of chess I've had in a long time! Knocking down that King of Glenfiddich felt great, even though the game was a tie.

Let's blabber a bit! One might ask why I insist on writing all this in a foreign language. And if some witty person thinks it's daft to do that, let me say one thing: yeah, so?! As I said, a certain English course was the igniting spark for me to start this photography/blog-site thingie. I also like English as a language and I'd like to keep my skills in a fair shape - at the University it's not often we get to go to classes anymore, which means we have to do something about it ourselves.

One other important reason is that I'm a frequent visitor on an English photography web forum and if someone wanted to check out my photos, it'd be polite not to reject them with a weird language. And to my Finnish friends I can say that if you've hard time reading this, it's either because of the small font or your English is getting really rusty. Time to dig out your monocles and laptop grammars!


  •  12.10.2006 -First remark-

   If you're pondering as to why I call my photographs 'photogråphs', let me ease your pain. You must know who Richard Dean Anderson is. No? Well, he's my childhood hero for playing MacGyver. But of course! And everybody knows MacGyver. If you're well-informed, you already know that Stargate is his most recent TV-series. But there is a catch. If you look closely at how the name is written, there indeed is an 'angstrom o'. Stargåte! I'm just honoring the man who made the difference... Far fetched? No, not even close.


  • 11.10.2006 -Opening ceremony-

   This site was inspired by an english course that I'm attending this year - Creative Writing. I found myself cramming my course journal with everything unneeded and although the teacher - who actually has the rare ability to create an enthusiastic atmosphere among us - likes all the scribbles to no end, I had to come up with a better way of expressing my views and other brain farts.

So thank you, Patrick and thank you, the dozen of us who participated in the course and thus made it possible to enjoy the classes. One or two pupils less and the language center would've pulled the plugs... Phew!

And wow! I just love Google... I mean, how easy can making your own pages get? Even I can manage okay! Even the layout is so cool I don't think anyone cares to read what I say here... Thank you, you two unbelievably rich and fortunate nerds for making this possible! :)

PS: I'm also happy to shout out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special person, Kaisa!! Wish I was in Poland, too...