Jannalee Smithey, EDO

Equine Osteopathy

1. Equine Osteopathy is a system of comprehensive, drug-free, non-invasive manual therapies that focuses on the horse’s total health, respecting his/her natural ability to self-heal.

2. Equine Osteopathy’s whole-body approach to health strengthens the musculoskeletal framework, including the joints, muscles, and spine. It frees restrictions and blockages and eases tension.

3. Equine Osteopathy’s goal is to restore pain-free and balanced movement in the horse.

Once your vet has ruled out other underlying causes, Equine Osteopathy can address:

  • Gait problems: tracking-up/short stride/reduced impulsion

  • Difficulty with lateral work and bending

  • Difficulty with transitions and/or collection

  • Feeling of “flatness” or lack of suspension

  • Tension in the jaw

  • Problems with head carriage/tossing/shaking

  • Stiffness (and pain) in different areas of the body, including increased sensitivity to touch

  • Incorrect muscle development

  • Negative behavior or unhappy attitude, e.g., stable vices, bucking, rearing, kicking, and bolting

  • Rehabilitation after injury

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