Experienced Depth Psychotherapist, Noe Valley, San Francisco. 415-821-1766

Psychotherapist, Consultant, Clinical Supervisor, Teacher

Jan Messer, MFT, 
Licensed Psychotherapist.

I have helped individual adults, couples and families for over 25 years in my private psychotherapy practice in San Francisco. 

My therapeutic aim is to help people

*heal painful experiences
*face psychological barriers
*cultivate growth and change
* understand deep conflicts and wishes
*navigate through relational impasses, entrenched fears and obstacles to change
creativity and productivity

I offer an in-depth, insightful, potent and integrative approach which blends  Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytic, Jungian and Mindfulness orientations. 

In addition to my private psychotherapy practice, I have provided psychotherapy at UCSF in the post-baccalaureate programs and at City College of San Francisco.

I have been a clinical supervisor and teacher for graduate students and clinical psychotherapy interns-in-training at San Francisco State University, California Institute of Integral Studies, Marina Counseling Center and in my private practice. 

I lead a case conference and study group for early career psychotherapists in San Francisco.

I was the co-developer and co-chair of the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis Seasoned Clinicians Extension Program for psychotherapists who have been practicing for over 20 years.

I have been a clinician involved in Tavistock Psychoanalytic  Infant Observation studying early development, parent/infant relationships, pre-verbal states, unconscious communication and early trauma. 

I have taught clinical seminars through the California Institute of Integral Studies, the Marina Counseling Center and the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

I have presented papers internationally on clinical psychotherapy topics.