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Some interesting pages about constructed languages, artlangs, auxlangs, fictional languages, natural languages and other languages or speeches (slangs, argots etc.).

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Pages by different persons which send me numbers from their conlangs, natlangs:

by Aaron Morse:

by Abel Chiaro:

by Adam K. Watts:

by Adam Seyfarth:

by Adam Walker:

by Adanedhel:,2/naramkhindzki-potrofnie-prosty-jezyk,732.html

by Aidan Aannestad:

by Aiola Research Group:

by Alan Hooker: (broken link)

by Alex Alfaro:

by Alex G. Igbineweka:

by Alex Middleton:

by Alexandre Xavier Casanova Domingo:

by Almir U. Junior:

by Amanda Smith:

by Andoromeda:


by Andreas Johansson:

by Andrej Šuc:

by Andrew Adey:

by Andrew Nowicki:

by Andrew Wood:

by Andrzej Jewdokimow:

by Anselm Huppenbauer:

by Anton Antonov:

by Antony M. Miles: (broken link)

by Aphoticom:

by Apollo Hogan:

by Apraetiotus:

by Aran Kuntze:

by Arnt Richard Johansen:

by Arnulf Mellenberg:

by Artimidor:

by Asier G. :

by Baalak:

by Ben Haanstra:

by Benjamin Bruce:

by Bernard van Dulmen Krumpelman:

by Brad Thibodeau:

by Brian Blomlie:

by Brian Hagan:

by Brittanie McCormack:

by Bruce V. Bracken:

by Bruce Gilson:

by Carlos Cervera Campos:

by Carlos Thompson: (broken)

by Carmelo Lupini:

by Carsten Becker:

by Charles Heisler:


by Christian Richard:

by Christian Thalmann:

by Christopher Bates:

by Christopher Marshall:

by Christopher B. Wright:

by Christopher Mules: (broken link)

by Christopher Yale Tang:  

by Chrupek:


by Chung Van Dao:

by Cian Ross:

by Claudio Gnoli:

by Colm:

by Connor Becker:

by Costentin Cornomorus:

by Craitman:        

by Crawford Bennett:

by Cris Cuevas V. :

by Curlyjimsam:

Cy Progenyer:

by Cyril Brosch:

by Daan Goedkoop:

by Dan Baisden:

by Dan Brokeau:

by Dana Nutter:

by Daniel Andreasson:

by Daniel Jewell:

by Daniel Myers:

by Daniel Pulley:

by Danjel Bluebar:

by Daryush:

by Dave Rutan:

by David Madore:

by David Crandall:

by David J. Peterson:

by David Trew:

by David Udsen:

by David Ward:

by Dazi:

by Delalyra Cedilla:

by Dennis Paul Himes:

by Denise Alice Ruti Purple:

by Devin Lester:


by Dhokarena56:

by Diederick:

by Diego Marani: 

by Dino Snider:

by Djordje Bozović:

by DJ Strejda:

by Dimitry Ivanov:

by Don:

by Donald Boozer:

by Ducane:

by Duke Keenan:

by Dunomapuka (boy #12):

by Elizabeth Barrette:


by Elliott Lash:

by Elyse Grasso:

by Endymion:

by Eric Qwertyuiop:

by Erika Heidewald: 

by Eugene Oh:

by Evan Robertson:

by F. A. Fabian:

by Falk Joensson:

by Felix Brender:

by Filip Skwarski:

by Florent Garet:

by Frank Legros:

by Frank Wilhelmssun:

by frumpwallow:

by Gabor Sandi:

by Gabriel Norsan:

by glossophile:


by Guask Luengata Konseja:

by Guiglabáudet Thierry:

by Hans Straub:

by Haust:  (broken link)

by Hedy Bos:

by Henrik Theiling:

by Herman Miller:

by Holger Eberman:

by Róbert Horváth:

by H.S. Teoh:

by Ikkakujyu:

by Illyana:

by Ingmar Roerdinkholder:

by Israel Noletto: (broken link)

by Jake: 

by James Campbell:

by James Chandler:

by James E. Hopkins:

by Jan Havlis:

by Jan Strasser:

by Jan van Steenbergen:

by Jason Valler:

by Jeff Hopkins:

by Jeff Robertson:

by Jeff Shanley:

by Jere Northrop:

by Jessica Vincent:

by Jesse S. Bangs:

by Jesus Ramos:

by Jian Huang:

by Jim Grossmann:

by Jim Henry:

by John Cowan:

by Jona J. Fras:

by Jonathan Avidan:

by Jonathan Bettencourt:

by Jonathana Tegire:

by Jörg Rhiemeier:

by Joris Bollen:

by Jose Barbera:

by Joseph Cometti:  

by Joseph Staleknight:

by Joseph Summer:

by Joseph W. Mynhier:

by J.P. Mallaroni:

by John Hazlett:

by Juan M. Jimenez:

by Juan Polaino López:

by Justin Michalczak:

by kaldaka:

by ~ Kalor:


by kelsavasi:

by Kerem Onat:

by Kári Emil Helgason:

by Kaspars Ozolins:

by Keiji Ikari:

by Keith Gaughan:

by Kevin:

by Kitty Wood:

by Klaivas:

by Kolyn Breck:

by Kvasir:

by Laintair Vlea:

by Laurie Gerholz:

by L. Craig Schoonmaker:

by Legolas:

by Leonhard Heinzmann:

by Liam O'Hooligan:

by Libor Sztemon:

by Lorenzo Manasci:

by Luke Harusame:

by Maknas:

by Marcel Paatsman:

by Marcelo Marinelli:

by Marco Bucchianeri:

by Marco Jonathan Rossi:

by Marie Winger:

by Mark Hucko:

by Markus Nurmimäki:


by Marq Thompson:

by Marta Teresa Pelińska:

by Mathieu Transmontano:

by Matt Arriola:

by Matt Warfle:

by Mau Rauszer:

by Max Jurcev:

by meikule:,2/boettelango,661.html

by Merle D.Zimmermann:

by Mia Soderquist:

by Michael Ayoub:

by Michael Carl Budd: (broken link)

by Michael Cartier:

by Michael Kerns: (broken link) link)

by Michael Mechmann:

by Micheal Minnish:  

by Michael Poxon: (broken link)

by Michael S Repton: (broken link)

by Mike (maikxlx):

by Muke Tever:

by N. R-W.:

by Natalia Gruscha:

by Nathanael Hodge: 

by Neil Gratton:

by Nelanth:

by Nicholas Bridgewater:

by Nick Yancey:

by Nicola Curat:

by Nicole Perrin: (broken link)

by Nikhil Sinha:

by Niki Eve White:

by Okuno Zankoku:

by Olga Leadel:

by Pablo Barembaum:

by Pablo David Flores:

by Paul B. :

by Paul Biensan:

by Paul Burgess:

by Paul Hoffman:

by Paulo Eduardo França Padilha:

by Paweł Abramowicz:  

by Paweł Ciupak:

by Peter Ara Guekguezian:

by Peter Bleackley:

by Petr Mejzlik:

by Piotr Gepfert:

by Piotr Mirocha:

by PTSnoop:

by Pyter Voeros:

by Rachel Chapman:

by Radagast:

by Raluv:  

by Ray Brown:

by rdo:  


by Rebecca Burns Gausman:

by Renee Perelmutter:

by Richard Antonius:

by Richard Kenneway:

by Rick Morneau:


by Rmss:

by Robert B. Wilson:

by Robert McNeilly:

by Robert L. Vaessen:

by Roberto Suarez Soto:

by Robin Morton:

by Rodlox:

by Roger Kuiper:

by Roger Mills:

by Rolandt Tweehuysen:

by Rolf Scmidt:

by Ron de Leeuw:

by Rory Turnbull: (broken link)

by Sabrina Laurent:

by Sally Caves:

by Sami Malberg:

by Sara Adina:

by sarbulo:

by Schwhatever:

by Scott 'Blade' Hamilton:

by Sean Anderson:

by Shane Hampton:

by Sidryac Mauch:

by SPH:

by Stephen "Steg" Belsky:

by Steven Travis:

by Sushi: (broken link)

by Sylvia Sotomayor:

by Taloogee Masam:


by Thomas Barlow:


by Thomas Maska:

by Thomas R Diehl:

by Thomas Keyes:

by TJ:

by Tom Kilingbeck: 

by Tom Tadfor Little:

by Tomi Päivinen: (broken link)

by Trebor Jung:;Trebor (broken link)

by Trickster:

by TSK_Ben:

by Tuomo Sipola: (broken link)

by Tuure Karhunen:

by Tyler Hogan: (broken link)

by Viktor Medrano:

by Vogelvrij:

by Vortex:

by Wei Quan Liang:

by Wictor Cezarny Złoznicki:

by William Patrick Buhian:

by Xhin:

by X Vedejas:

by Yahya Abdal-Aziz:

by Yaroslav Zolotaryov:

by Yin Ciyuan:

by Ylja Vetrov:

by Yves LE MASSON:

by Zach Heffey:

by Zereskaoate:


by Zylom:  


Other web pages about conlangs

Conlangs boards and forums:

Zompist Board (ZBB):

Conlanger Board (CBB):

Conlanger French Board (CBBfr):

Conlanger Polish Board:

Unilang Forum about conlangs:

Forum about Esperanto and other languages in Russian (both Natlangs and Conlangs):

Omniglot forum:

L'Atelier Philologique:



Językotwórstwo - Conlangi:

The Japanese conlanger bboard:

Плановые языки on Lingvoforum. (Russian):

Conlangs groups:

About various groups on yahoo:

Amnial group on Yahoo:

Artificial language group on Google:

Artificial languages group on Yahoo:

Auxlangs group on Yahoo:

Auxlang-dialog group on Yahoo:

Celticonlangs group on Yahoo:

Conlangs (Constructed Languages) group on Yahoo:

Germaniconlangs group on Yahoo:

Romconlangs group on Yahoo:

Slaviconlangs group on Yahoo:

Tino group on Yahoo (in German):


Pages about various languages (conlangs etc.):

Auxiliary linguas:

Bazar linguistique:

Brad's Conlang and Concultures Pages:

Conlangs: (broken link)

Conlangs on Unilang

Conlang Translation Relay no. 10/R "The Olympic Relay"(Schedule): by Mario Bonnasin:

Conlang & Related Things:

Conlang yellow pages:

Conlangs script on Omniglot:

Constructed languages by Muke Tever:

El inglés transicional para todo el mundo (in Spanish):

Fallen Tower: Artificial Language Page:

Language game on Wikipedia:  

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Languages on Orion’s Arm:

League of Lost languages:

Main page about conlangia:

Main page about Livejournal:

Other language families:

Speaking in Tongues:

Stitchionary & lyrics


Some conlangs, artlangs, auxlangs pages (his main page, grammars, dictionaries etc.) on:

Abakwi: (broken link)



Archeia & Shaja:




Babyish dialecs:









Common fantasy tongue:

Dalurian and other languages:


Dha Patu dialects and daughter-languages: (broken link)



Dosian (Universal language dictionary 2 index  english/dosian)

Drydic and other Conlangs:


Dundein Vega:










Giak (Desert lynx's oasis):




Hibernic:< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">


Irespasëresseh (Irespian): (broken link)





Katanda:< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">


Kinsi Rorotan: (broken link)

Kramxelian Languages:


Language Amean Civilization:








Lingua Romana:

Lingua Sermo:








Nemeritvie (in Spanish):



Omnial: (in Spanish) (in English) (in English) (in Spanish)


Oopee the language of utter confogglingness:




Pilovese by Scotto Hlad:


Quebh a Irish Gaelic conlang:



Rigavie Sutanio:

Šadebu (Shadebu):

Shaquelingua (Chaquélingua, in French):

Silarg (in French):







Warhammer Dwarven:


Ziotaki Retiki: 


Some natlangs pages (his main page, grammars, dictionaries etc.) on:

Andaman languages: 

Teshen Silesian dialect:


Natural translation:

Babel Fish Translation (English-French,...etc)