Unfortunately on noone of my web pages is still not publish numbers from my collection of numbers. On this page is some web pages by some people on which are different collections of numbers from natlangs, conlangs and other pages with single conlangs numbers. On some links down you browse directly to web page with numbers, and other pages you need to browse further, because these are just staring pages.

I'm sorry if  some links, which are down mentioned are not working. Some links aren't working always, but only temporarily, some which are now working, next time maybe won't work. Such links I signed with mark “*”. Maybe some link which I marked with “*”on this page is working, or maybe there is link which I didn’t signed with mark “*”. Because some link are changing very fast. So I can’t  control all links always. If I’ll found in future, that some ls on this page aren’t working any more, I’ll remove them.

For all other mistakes I apologize.

With mark “#” are signed web pages on which are numbers mentioned on the bottom of  the page. 
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Numbers of various collection, ... etc

Collection of numbers by Mark Rosenfelder:

Numbers in Ficticious Languages by Bernard Dulmen van Krumpelman:

Numbers in Chinese Dialects:

Numbers of various conlang in CBB:

Numbers of various conlangs in Conlanger Polish (see: Liczby):

Numbers of Constructed Languages  (Numbers 1-10 IN THE LANGUAGES NARODA) by Nicola Curat:

Compared numbers from 1 to 10 by Nicola Curat (in French):


Numbers of Constructed Languages (Azirian languages) by Herman Miller: 

Numbers of Constructed languages by Johannes Hufnagel:

-Clalia Numeralia (in German):

-Eleiar numeralia (in German): 

-Fergiartish numeralia (in German):

-Ostelfische (Fénilar) numeralia (in German):

-Südelfische (Eliar) numeralia (in German):

-Westelfische numeralia (in German):

Numbers of Constructed Languages by Alex Middleton:

-Slensk numbers: 

-Retehitu numbers:

Numbers of Constructed Languages by Anselm Huppenbauer:

-Geleìres Cheìghea numbers (see: 3.3 Numbers):

-Vardhastani numbers (see: Numbers)

-Bvazred numbers (see: IV.NUMBERS):

-Aubaríth numbers (see: III.Numbers):

Numbers of Constucted Languages by Carsten Becker:

-Daleian numbers:

Numbers of Constructed Languages by Hermann Miller:

-Cispa numbers:

-Gjarrda (Jarrda) numbers:

-Lindiga numbers:

-Azirian numbers: 

Numbers of Constructed Languages by Jim Grossmann: (broken link)

Numbers of Constructed Languages by Karl Jahn (see:Table: Numbers in Patic Languages): (broken link)

Numbers of Constructed Languages by Michael Cartier:

-Idjana numbers (see simple words):

- Qùaroetè numbers (see: MEGONNAVI)

Numbers of Constructed Languages by Nelanth:

Numbers of Constructed Languages  by Penterkonter:

-Aroni numbers: ^

-Ngetsu numbers: ^

-Oetadh numbers: ^

-Onyugaxwo numbers: ^

-Shadebu numbers: ^

Numbers of Constructed Languages by Ran (see: Lexicon):

Numbers in Constructed Languages by Saaropean:

-Bol'enty numbers:

-Fimo Yos numbers:

-Okyyryn numbers:

-Op'on numbers:

-POPE (Mòmi) numbers:

-Rosahiens numbers:

Numbers of Constructed Languages by Summer Wood:

-Ewokese numbers  by Summer Wood (see: Ewokese Numbers Chart):

-Jawa numbers:

-Mandolarian numbers:

Numbers of Constructed Languages by Chris Johnson:

-Aurogaelb numerals:  

-Gnobaran numbers:

Numbers of Costructed Languages by Marco  Bucchianeri:

-Kot numbers:

-Lišeč numbers:

Numbers of Constructed Languages by Thomas Leigh:

-Jafo numbers: (broken link)

-Tesawa numbers: (broken link)

Numbers of Constructed Languages (Ancient Nalhearlu, Modern Nalhearlu): 

Numbers of the Edastean language family:

-A’gaf numbers by Legion (see:Numbers)

-Adata numbers by Dewrad:

-Æðadĕ numbers by ebilein:

-Ājat he-Heloun numbers by 4pq1injbok:

-Arie numbers by Michael S. Repton:

-Delta Naidda numbers by Radius Solis:

-Erhadzy numbers by Zhen Lin:

-Fáralo numbers by zompist (see: Numbers):

-Ghaf numbers by Corumayas (see: Lexicon < Numerals):

-Kozado numbers by Legion (see: Numerals):

-Mavakhalan (Khalan) numbers by Zhen Lin:

-Naidda numbers:

-Ndak Ta numbers by Radius Solis:

-Yad numbers by gsandi:

-Zhaj numbers by con quesa:

Numbers in Bergonian languages Minidun & Nacateca:

Numerals in Indo-European Dialects by Rick Shellen:

Numbers still of others individual languages

Conlangs numbers

Abakwi numbers by James MacBeith Finlay: (broken linmk)

Almalinian numbers by Bryant K. :

Anhalematrah numbers:

Anluagern numbers by Aled James (on Audio):

(En, Do, Ter, Pertha, Pag, Kenig, Sath, Onth, Na, Dag)

Aonan numbers by Diederick:

Arahau numbers by Ivan Karasev (see: Numerals):

Asht numbers by SPH:

Atlango numbers by Richard Antonius:

Autlang numbers (see: numbers = nonz):

Avesta numbers by Harold Ensle:

Ayhan numbers:

'Ayvarith numbers by TJ:

Badoslovanian numbers (in German):

Barushlani numbers by Boudewijn Rempt:

Belatias, Salamondé and Pseçenco numbers by TSK_Ben:

Belmorian couting by Alan Belmore:

Bergish numbers (see: Bergish Grammar, and 6) maßwort  quantity & amount word):

Bin Tahr numbers (see: Numbers):

Bræsin numbers by Patrick (see: kiaransalyn):


Chaksi numbers:

Calnish numbers by Inuyasha (see: page 11):


Canis numbers by Ron de Leeuw:

Chicoutim numbers:

Chipilak numbers by Chipilet: 

Classical Ălyis numbers by Abel Chiaro:

Cluza numbers (see: Numbers):

Coronese numbers by Mikael Johansson (see: Word list, numerics):

Craithish numbers by Caitman:

Dal'qörian numbers:

Danšlağ numbers:

Dasprach numbers by Mike Kuklinski:

Dooma numbers:

Dorconla numbers (see: 2.4.1 Die Kardinalzahlen):

Drakonik numbers by Mario N. Bonassin: ^

Devrian numbers Geoff Allan Eddy:

Easy Jovian numbers by Arthur Thompson (lesson two):

(Easy) Proslava numbers:

EDA numbers by Arne Arotnow (see: Edanic Grammar > Numbers <) 

Egramith numbers by Joseph Fatula:

Elasin numbers by Donald Boozer:

Enal numbers by Olga Leadel (in Russian script, see: ЧИСЛА, ЦИФРЫ, ЧИСЛИТЕЛЬНЫЕ):

Eruithairkan numbers:

Etora numbers by Jashan A'al (see: X.Numerals, Math, Date, and Time):< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">

Exi numbers:

False Gaelic numbers by Chris Huff (see: Numbers):


Faranit numbers by Schwatever:

Fase numbers:

Ferrenti numbers by Tomasz Jedrzejewski:

Fith numbers by Jeffrey Henning:

Footballian numbers:


Frilandic numbers by Frank Wilhelmssun:  


Garomenian numbers (see: Number)

Germane numbers by Alexander Schoemaker (in Dutch):

Gevey numbers by Rik Roots: (broken)

Glagolica numbers by Richard Ruibar (see: 5. Numeral)  ^

Gydan numbers by Fredrik Adevag (see: Vocubulary < Numerals):

Gomain numbers by Zack Hart:

Gosian numbers:

Gothflondor numbers by Jean Eudes (in French, Click: ENTERER < Néméen <Nombres):

Numbers in Greek sans flexions:

Guask numbers by Guask Luengata Konseja:

Gvaraite numbers (see: Numbers):

Hänäthlîer numbers by Shane Hampton:

Hanawenzo numerals:

Igriana numbers (in Polish, see:Liczebniki do 10 - Lui numerales fat 10 ):,3/curso-del-lingua-igriana-kurs-jezyka-igrynskiego,667.html

Ilomi numbers:

Inglés numbers:

Ioslaonë Elvish numbers by  PTSnoop (see: Sheet 8 – Numbers):

Ithkuil numbers (Click: 12 The Number System, and see: Table 68: ITHKUIL NUMERICAL STEMS AND WRITTEN SYMBOLS):

Izhaxu numbers (see below):

Jakunda/Jacuendoisi numbers by David Ward:

Jevian numbers:

Juliscian numbers by Clint Baker Jackson and Chris Johnston:

Kalonese numbers:

Kanasa numbers by Damien Ponech:

Kash numbers by Roger Mills:

Katala numbers:

Kautita numbers:

Kelenala numbers by David J. Peterson:

Kimbar numbers (see: Numbers):

Knoshke numbers:

Kor'ekhani numbers by J. Matthew Saunders:

Kozeine numbers by Klaivas (4 page below):

Kratal-Rul numbers by Pascal A. Kramm:

kUaelom numbers (click: Numbers):


Kwendyngu numbers (see: Numbers, Cardinals): 

Kyovantic numbers (see: Posted: 2007-09-09, 19:25    Post subject: < Numbers):

Lahabic numbers by Anthony M. Miles: (broken link)

L'Angwic numbers by Jameson Schwartz:

Larimin numbers by Olga Laedel (in Russian script, see: ЧИСЛА, ЦИФРЫ, ЧИСЛИТЕЛЬНЫЕ):

Larua numbers by Darrell Manrique:

Laytal numbers:

Lelo-Gdho numbers by vixinu (see: Vocab--Numbers 1-10):

Lhaesine numbers (see: Numbers):

Limbordian numbers:


Linge numbers (in Polish, see. Liczebniki):

Lingone numbers:

Lingwa de Planeta numbers by Dimitry Ivanov (in Russian, see: Числительные):

Lingua Romana numbers by Damian Conway: 

Lingua Sermo numbers by Jose Da Silva & Pierre Morin:

Liva numbers by Claudio Gnoli:

Lünt numbers by Legolas:

Lymertiński numbers by dets(see: V.LICZEBNIKI):


Mannskt (Mannish) numbers by Eric Anger:

Miresua numbers (see: Numbers):  

Moragravēs numbers:  #

Musmeh numbers:

Noighinsun numbers:

Nordien numbers:

Novian numbers:

Nytal numbers by Bukkia (see below: Numbers):

Nywsasxc numbers by Alexander Schoemaker:

Omnesian numbers by Jordan Kay (in Spanish, see: Discho Chindece):

Oopee Numbers by Carmen St. Jean (click: Numbers):

Otham numbers by Piotr Mirocha:

Pacitalian numbers:

Palato numbers  by James Hover (see below: Numbers):

Pallisic numbers:

Perligata numbers by Damian Conway (see: Appendix A: Perligata dictionary):


Pokkian numbers:

Qelviete numbers by Zoqaeski:

Qento numbers:,2/qento,825-30.html#12890

Qintari numbers:

Qos (Kłoski) numbers:,4/liczby,64-45.html#10785

Qtwyqp Qly numbers by Marq Thompson:

Raitoliste numbers by Aidan Aannestad:

Ral numbers:

Rasafa numbers by Joseph Staleknight:

Rejistanian numbers:

Relosc numbers:  

Renglish numbers: (broken link)

Rutian numbers (see numbers):

S - LINGVA Numbers

MODERNE KONSTRUKTE SLOVANE LINGVA (modern constructed slavic language, Sloveno):

San numbers by osouji (see:As an example here are some numerals)

Sarga numbers by Joseph Stalenknight:

Sasxsek numbers by Dana Nutter: 

Sgen numbers:

Shas Sid numbers (in portuguese):

Sirius numbers by Muke Tever:

Slavisk numbers by Libor Sztemon (see:N U M E R A L S)

Slovenskej jezyk numbers  by Marina (in Russian, see: Числительные
41. Количественные числительные не изменяемы):

Slovianski numbers by Ondrzej Recznik:  (broken link)

Slovijanski język numbers by Milosz (see:Liczebszczinove Liczebniki):

Slovio numbers by Mark Hucko:

Somish numbers by Aaron Chapman: 

Sonnend numbers by Phil Raf:


Shtarmoni numbers:


Starszy jęzik numbers by milosz(see:2.2.Liczebniki):




Surmenian numbers (in Polish):

Syriculaen numbers by Patrick Tretola:

Tarnese numbers by Kate (aka Etak): (broken link)

Temenia numbers (see: Numbers and Numerals):

Tharan numbers by Dan Cole:

Thrilettrabbrian numbers:  

Tigerian numbers by Jonathana Tegire (Click: tegireserana online , click: Tigerian dicitonary, and click: Numbers – Iranasin) (broken link)

Trade Tongue numbers by Aidan Grey:

Tundrian numbers by Gabor Sandi: 

Tviskgermaansk numbers by ~bemann (see: 4.6. Numbers)

Uiama numbers by Yahya Abdal-Aziz (see: 6.3 ):

Ungil numbers by Dean Easton:

Üqoi numbers by Sqiighine Eqoo:

Vedanic numbers (see: 17.  numeros):

Velu numbers by Kalor (see: Numbers Basics):< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">

Vendergood numbers by William James Sidis:

Vesona numbers by Sivartha (see: Dozen Scale Numbers)

Vinlandic numbers by Tony Senn: (broken link)

Virgoranto numbers:

Vocatae numbers by Nicholas Bridgewater: 

Vrialese numbers by Nemszev: (broken link)

Warhammer Dwarven numbers by Robin Dews:

Wenedyk by Jan van Steenbergen:

Worldspeak numbers by Square: (broken link)

Xaîni numbers by Paul B. :

Xtoräq numbers (see:  3.4 Numbering system):  

Ylysepen numbers:

Ziotaki Retiki numbers by Shihali Ramichu:

Zoinx numbers by David A. Madore:

Zurbian numbers by Tjorboern Andersson (see: Some Grammar)