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Žive naj vsi narodi ki hrepene dočakat' dan,
da koder sonce hodi, prepir iz sveta bo pregnan,
da rojak prost bo vsak, ne vrag, le sosed bo mejak!


About my work and myself

My name is Janko, surname Gorenc. I was born in 12. december 1964 in Brežice. I come from the city of Krško which is located in south-east Slovenia, somewhere between the cities of Celje and Novo Mesto. My mother language is Slovene. Slovenian has a few 37 dialects and 16 speeches. My dialect is Posavski, and speech is Sevnica-Krško. Since 1993 I’ve unemployed. I learn foreign languages on my own. I collect and explore different numeral systems from different languages. I started collecting numbers in year 1984, that’s 25 year ago. It all started when I got some magazines in my hands. In this magazine different numeral systems where written down (six magazines = 60 languages). Later, I started buying books. I have books written in 60 languages. Later I was looking for information in international libraries, universities, consulaties, different missionares, ethnologs, linguistics, travelers help me. In the past seven year I've gotten a lot information from the internet. I can use internet only in the local library, and centre of youth.

At this moment I have a collection of 14003 languages, dialects, speeches, slangs, argots and other. I know how to count from 1 to 10 in around 500 natural and constructed languages off the top of my head.

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More specific data about my collection

All languages (natlangs and conlangs), dialects and speeches with additional versions: 14003

1.    Natural languages, dialects, subdialects and speeches: 7836

a)    Natural languages: 5294 (of those 4285 living languages, 664 are extinct and 345 are nearly extinct).

b)    Natural dialects: 2428 (of those 2242 living dialects, 75 are extinct and 111 are nearly extinct).

c)    Subdialects: 65

d)    Speeches: 49

·         Natural languages, dialects, subdialects and speeches with numbers (1-10): 6629

-      Natural languages with numbers (1-10): 4271

-      Natural dialects with numbers (1-10): 2245

-      Natural subdialects with numbers (1-10): 65

-      Natural speeches with numbers (1-10): 49

2.    Additional versions, sets: 517

3.    Constructed languages, auxlangs, artlangs, fictional languages and their dialects and those which transfered their language name: 5473

a)  Constructed languages, auxlangs, artlangs, fictional languages and those which transfered their language name: 5261

b)  Constructed, auxlangs, artlangs, fictional dialects: 212

·         Constructed languages and dialects (also those which have transfered or changed  their name) with numbers (1-10): 4798

-      Constructed languages (also those which have transfered or changed  their name) with numbers (1-10): 4599

-      Constructed dialects with numbers (1-10): 199

4.    Other languages (argots, jokelangs, language games, slangs,... etc.), dialects and others systems (not languages: systems of encording,...): 177

a)  Other languages: 158

b)  Other dialects: 15

c) Other systems (not languages: systems of encording): 4

·         Other languages and dialects with numbers (1-10): 171

       -      Other languages with numbers (1-10): 152

       -      Other dialects with numbers (1-10): 15

·         Other systems (not languages:systems of encording) with numbers (1-10): 4

All other information (name of conlangs) you can find on web page: Languages

Numbers. On this page are some web pages from some people on which are different collections of numbers from natlangs, conlangs and other pages with single conlangs numbers.

You can found my collection on: Collection numbers

Data about numbers of natural languages, dialects, subdialects, speeches and constructed languages (auxlangs, artlangs, fictional languages), their dialects and other  languages or speeches (argots, jokelangs, language game, slangs... etc) without addition versions (Japanese Lexical, Chinese Lexical for Japanese numbers,... standard (modern), Old,...) , sets (counting humans, counting animals, counting inanimate,...) 13486 was changed on 14.11 2009.

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