amy aniobi is a writer.
amy aniobi is a nerd.
amy aniobi is an awkward black girl.

co-executive producer on "Insecure" (HBO, season 3) - more info here
executive producer on "2 Dope Queens: Sorry Harriet Tubman" (HBO, 4hr stand up special)
executive producer on "Homecoming Queen" (Amazon, in development) - more info here
supervising producer on "Brown Girls" (HBO, in development)

NET NEUTRALITY PANEL (San Francisco, September 2017), watch here
INSECURE FACEBOOK LIVE w/ISSA RAE (Los Angeles, September 2017), watch here
STORY BEAT (@StoryBeatPod, September 2017), listen here
BLACK GIRL NERDS (@bgnerds, August 2017), listen here
BABY GENIUSES (@MrEmilyHeller, May 2017), listen here
THE WRITERS PANEL (@BenBlacker, March 2017), listen here
GET IT RIGHT (@JamieBroadnax, November 2016), listen here, transcript here
BLACK GIRLS TALKING (@blkgirlstalking, June 2016), listen here
CHICKS WHO SCRIPT (@CWSPodcast, November 2015) - listen here
WGA PODCAST (@WGAWpodcast, September 2015) - listen here (search by date or name "Aniobi")
WORD WITH FRIEND (@julianmstern, August 2015) - listen here
HIGH SCHOOL WITH MIRANDA (@mirandapberman, July 2015) - listen here
THE REAR VIEW (@TRVpodcast, May 2015) - listen here
MYSTIC PARTY (@zanegrant, September 2014) - listen here
I GOT SOMETHIN TO SAY (@gdgreer, October 2011) - listen here

HOMECOMING QUEEN (Amazon, executive producer)
co-writing with comedian, Phoebe Robinson
pilot in development at Amazon - more info here

INSECURE, Season 2 (HBO, supervising producer)
episode #202, "hella questions"

BETWEEN BUSTS (YouTube, co-EP/co-creator/writer)
watch all episodes here:
episode #103, "bras and money"
episode #102, "hot flash"
episode #101, "trending"

TRIAL & ERROR (NBC, consulting producer)
watch all episodes on Hulu
episode #107, "the case gets bigger" - more info here

INSECURE, Season 1 (HBO, producer)
episode #106, "guilty as f*ck"

MODERN MANNERS, Season 1 (creator/star)
episode #111, "saying thank you"
episode #110, "apologizing
episode #109, "being a good guest"
episode #108, "hosting"
episode #107, "flaky people"
episode #106, "special wedding edition"
episode #105, "social media"
episode #104, "office etiquette"
episode #103, "job search"
episode #102, "phone etiquette"
episode #101, "intro etiquette"

LISA AND AMY ARE BLACK, Season 2 (YouTube, co-creator/co-star)
watch all episodes here:
episode #206, "binge"
episode #205, "overqualified"
episode #204, "hustles"
episode #203, "sex talk"
episode #202, "mall underwear"
episode #201, "shingles"

SILICON VALLEY (HBO, story editor)
episode #207, "adult content" - click here for more info

LISA AND AMY ARE BLACK, Season 1 (YouTube, co-creator/co-star)
watch all episodes here:
episode #4, "lisa and amy are single" - click here to watch
episode #3, "lisa and amy are good at parties" - click here to watch
episode #2, "lisa and amy are professional" - click here to watch
episode #1, "lisa and amy are black" - click here to watch

THE MICHAEL J FOX SHOW (NBC, staff writer)
episode #118, "biking" - click here for more info
episode #109, "art" - click here for more info

THE SLUTTY YEARS (YouTube, EP/series creator/co-star)
episode #106, "party" (co-writer) - click here to watch
episode #105, "try it" (co-writer) - click here to watch
episode #104, "dick" - click here to watch
episode #103, "morning after pill" - click here to watch
episode #102, "pill" - click here to watch
episode #101, "how it starts" - click here to watch

AWKWARD BLACK GIRL (YouTube, staff writer)
episode #209, "the check" - click here to watch
episode #203, "the jingle" - click here to watch
episode #201, "the sleepover" (co-writer) - click here to watch
episode #112, "the decision" (co-writer) - click here to watch
episode #111, "the exes" (co-writer) - click here to watch
episode #109, "the happy hour" (co-writer) - click here to watch
episode #106, "the stapler" (co-writer) - click here to watch

1/2hr single-cam pilot entitled "Single Black Female"
[about the struggles and joys of dating in LA as an average black woman]
1/2hr single-cam pilot entitled "Social Work"
[about the inappropriate social lives of employees in a NYC non-profit]
1/2hr single-cam pilot entitled "Fruit Fly"
[about this straight girl's dating life and the gay friends inside it]
1/2hr single-cam version of pilot entitled "Pussy-Whipped" 
[about three guys, a girl and a really cute cat]
1/2hr cable pilot entitled "Like a Boss" 
[about a terrible boss and the underlings who loathe her]
1/2hr single-cam pilot entitled "The Slutty Years" 
[about three nerd-roommates navigating dating in their mid-twenties]
1/2hr single-cam pilot entitled "Piece of Cake" 
[about a sarcastic mom raising a bakery business and a family, in that order]
1/2hr cable pilot entitled "Bump" 
[about a good girl who works for a friendly coke dealer]
1/2hr cable pilot entitled "Racquet" 
[about a high school drug racket...and tennis]
1/2hr multi-cam pilot entitled "Pussy-Whipped" 
[about my younger brother's love life]
comedy web series pilot entitled "Kate, Divorced" 
[about a new divorcee on the prowl]
drama pilot entitled "Made in Brooklyn" 
[about the genesis of a mob wife]
drama pilot entitled "Rings" (semi-finalist in 2011 Austin Film Festival)
[about a family of misbehaving circus performers]
comedy short entitled "The HR Experience" 
[about cruel HR in an un-PC world]

broad comedy entitled "Like a Boss"
[about re-branding a terrible boss with a harassment suit over her head]
dark comedy entitled "Blame Candy" (3rd place winner of the 2011 Goldwyn Award)
[about consensual student-teacher sex at a Catholic school]

article for Hello Giggles about "Insecure" and writing black female friendships
article for Entertainment Weekly about episode #106 of "Insecure"
articles for the gaggle - about sex, love, dating and dumping
editorial copy for ELLE Magazine (co-writer) - click here to read
"shit girls say" parody entitled "Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys" - click here to watch
comedic essay entitled "Suck My Banana" 
[about an apple who hates all other fruit]
short story entitled "Two in the pink" 
[about some pg-13 high school lovin']
22 episodes of comedy/lifestyle web series, "How to Live" (creator and host) - click here to watch
episode 1 of podcast, "I Got Somethin' To Say!" (co-host) - click here to listen
one-act comedy play entitled "SOLD!" - click here to watch
articles for rope of silicon - about movies seen, loved & hated

spec for "2 Broke Girls" entitled "And the Good Bad Fortune"
spec for "Happy Endings" entitled "A Civil Tights Movement"
spec for "Raising Hope" entitled "Happy Camper"
spec for "Community" entitled "Intermediate Social Disorder"
spec for "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" entitled "The Gang Gets Blazed"

about drugs // @meetmyneighbor
about booze // the flask years
about online dating // @mdwrong
about online dating // matchdotwrong 
about film school // f *school
about playing rock-paper-scissors // roshambowned 
about movies & food in paris & LA // letop5

nominated, 2017 - naacp image awards, for INSECURE, season 2 (best comedy series)
nominated, 2016 - wga awards, for SILICON VALLEY, season 2 (best comedy series)
nominated, 2015 - emmy awards, for SILICON VALLEY, season 2 (best comedy series)
admitted, oct 2012 - warner bros. writers workshop
admitted, sept 2012 - cbs writers mentoring program
finalist & alternate, dec 2011 - abc | disney television writing program
winner, nov 2011 - 3rd place, goldwyn writing award for comedy feature, "Blame Candy"
semi-finalist, august 2011 - austin film festival, tv competition for 1 hr pilot, "Rings"
2nd round, august 2011 - austin film festival for comedy feature, "Blame Candy"
semi-finalist, august 2011 - nexTV writing competition for 1 hr pilot, "Rings"
honoree, june 2011 - nbc diversity comedy scene showcase for short, "The HR Experience"
finalist, may 2011 - ucla mfa screenwriting showcase for 1 hr drama pilot, "Rings"
finalist, may 2011 - bluecat fellini screenwriting awards for comedy feature, "Blame Candy"
recipient, may 2010 - nbc/naacp fellowship in screenwriting for television
recipient, may 2010 - ucla four sisters scholarship in screenwriting
finalist, april 2010 - academy of television arts and sciences summer internship in comedy writing
loved by - my mom and dad

uh, that's on linked-in. and it's out of date.

ucb - improv, levels 101-401
groundlings - improv, "basic" & "intermediate"
ucla - mfa screenwriting (television track)

stanford university - ba american studies (mass media & consumer culture...aka, reading magazines)
stanford university - french language minor

tweet // @janiobi
ping // janiobi at gmail dot com
representation // UTA (marissa devins, lucinda moorhead & peter dodd) & Ziffren Brittenham (logan clare)