Obama's Socialist Agenda Rewards RIch

Obama’s Socialist Agenda Rewards Rich

Less Education Means Less Risk of Joining Intellectual Elite; Less Travel Means More Patriotism; Less Wealth Means Better Chance of Entering Heaven

Janine Llewellen with James Llewellen


Who are the real elite of America?

                Intellectuals who lack understanding of ordinary Americans?

                World-travelers who see America through the eyes of foreigners?

                The rich who have worked hard to earn wealth?

                Or the righteous who go, not into everlasting punishment, but into life eternal?

The real elite are not those with advanced academic degrees in secular ideas, not those who travel to strange countries around the world, not those who amass great wealth on earth, but those who bask in the blessed light of the Lord.

Will the misguided socialist policies of Obama's government do harm to the deserving rich of America? Did Bush, by contrast, lead them in the path of righteous light? Paradoxically, no!

When the poor cannot afford to join the intellectual elite, when they are educated by the Church and by television, when they see America from an American point of view, they are welcomed into Heaven. When the wealthy have leisure to understand secular ideas and to study non-Christian religions, when they jet around the world meeting non-Americans, when, with hard work and valid values, they gain a disproportionate share of wealth, they are as likely to enter the kingdom of Heaven as a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. Even wealth earned through virtuous endeavor dooms the rich by what it buys them: intellectualism, internationalism, and damnation.

Obama’s socialist agenda helps the rich by protecting them from harm. What is good for the rich is good for us all. The rich are the best among us: they have worked without expecting handouts, they create jobs, and they fuel the economy. With a little less money, they will remain the best. But they will also be a little less educated, a little less traveled, and a little more loved by God. Let this be! Through God’s will, Obama’s agenda, perverse as it may seem, will make our great country, already the best, all the greater. The rich will be blessed in heaven, just as they are on earth.

“Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God” –Matthew 19:24.