This page will attempt to document the many different types of vegetable that are recommended or not recommended in Janicism. Remember, all vegetables should only be eaten in moderation as they contain cellulose, which humans are not designed to digest.

Recommended Vegetables


Carrots are the main vegetable mentioned in Janicism. They are used widely in the festival "The Touching of the Vegetables" (documented here) by the Chief Janni.


Aubergines are also recommended, as they are one of the vegetables that make up the Four Bookshelves of Janicism.


Apples are widely available, and so can be eaten in greater quantities. They are also part of the Four Bookshelves of Janicism. Although they are officially fruit, Janicists see them as vegetables as they are very versatile.


Pumpkins can also be eaten, as their orange colour is designed to attract other species to eat them and spread their seeds. If the seeds are not eaten, they must be spread in order to continue pumpkin growth.


Other recommended vegetables are less important than those above and so should be eaten less. They include:

  • Parsnips
  • Broad beans
  • Runner beans
  • String beans


Non-Recommended Vegetables


Brocolli is the most satanic vegetable as it attempts to resembles trees, which try to be above Janice, the One True God.


Tomatoes are a fruit but pretend to be a vegetable. This deception is unacceptable in Janicism as everything should revert to it's true form.


This vegetable does not provide sufficient nutrition, so should not be eaten. 

Low-growing Mushrooms

Low-growing mushrooms will increase the number of bad, or "low-down" deeds committed. 


A pointless vegetable. It's only purpose is to supplement others.