Welcome to my portfolio


Hello and welcome.   I am a Toronto dentist working in a truly holistic multidisciplinary integrated wellness dental center. 
In this portfolio I am providing you with a listing of my more recent activities in dentistry and at our office in the Rosedale Medical Center. My passion and lifelong mission has been helping patients reach their potential in health. My dental office has received wonderful honors from Toronto organizations including Toronto Life Magazine, local newspapers and recently received a "Top Ten Best Dental Offices in Toronto" award. We are truly honored and appreciative of our patients and staff that made these cudos possible. Also, thank you to all the positive comments that have been made in  YELP and RateMD.com; and all the thank you notes that we have received; they are so encouraging and uplifting to read. Our family practice is all about exactly that- family; we strive to exceed your expectations of us, we are open and welcome suggestions to take us to the next level.
 I am a lifelong student, active Fellow and Diplomat in many organizations and prolific writer and editor in dentistry. I have sat on advisory boards of several dental companies and think tanks. I was recently involved with a company called AirwayCpap Inc. a company that distributes Cpap machines and educates the public on sleep disordered breathing and apnea.  Editorial Board of Oral Health Dental Journal (General Dentistry), for 18 years, (I  raised eyebrows by editing issues devoted solely to TMJ/Sleep/Pain and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy which were firsts in the industry). I have lectured and written internationally on dental subjects that range from cosmetic dentistry (golden proportion, bleaching, no preparation porcelain veneers), Essix clear braces minor tooth movement, to TMJsleep disordered breathing and apnea. I studied in the year long American Academy of Craniofacial Pain (AACP) residency program and received my Fellowship status with that organization. I am working on achieving diplomate status with AACP and AOP. I  was elected as Secretary of the AACP Canadian Chapter in 2012 and remain involved.   I wrote and passed the first ever sleep sub-specialty certification exam, given by the ABCP, on July 28/13. In July, 2014 I received Diplomate status with the American Board of Cranial Facial Pain Dental Sleep Medicine. I received a Masters of Science Degree from University of Southern California in Oral Medicine, Orofacial Pain including Dental Sleep Medicine, in September 2015. My Doctor of Dental Surgery degree was achieved in /79 at UofT.
   I have been nominated and am a member in several honor organizations, recognizing my efforts to advance dentistry, including the revered Pierre Fauchard Honor Society, internationally one of the highest honours a dentist can achieve. I am a founding member of several esthetic dentistry organizations both in Canada and Internationally. The Toronto CEREC study club, the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry, the International Association of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and long time member of many dental organizations including the Toronto Cosmetic Dentistry Study Club, The Toronto Crown and Bridge Study Club, the ODACDA and Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity. Also, I am active member in the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine, the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) and the Canadian Sleep Society.
   Some of the meetings that I have been recently involved with include: the sleep "dream" team at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto where I organized a workshop in paediatric sleep dental medicine for the HSC Sleep Symposium in March/13;  the 6th annual AACP Canadian meeting Sept./12 which brought to Toronto speakers from far and wide, including Dr. Barry Sessle. The 7th annual conference that I was involved in organizing was held in Montreal, Oct/13 and the lead speaker was Dr. Gilles Lavigne. I also helped to organize the 2014 AACP meeting in Toronto in October, 2014, and Dr. Jim Bronson was the lead speaker and spoke on ALF appliances; I spoke at the first Women's Dentist Symposium sponsored by Clinical Research Dental on Minor Tooth Movement and their most recent women's symposium on Recognizing Sleep Disordered Breathing;  I spoke at the International Women's Dental Association in Chicago on Minor Tooth Movement using Essix clear braces and Invisilign. I also have spoken to the Toronto Alpha Omega dental fraternity, and USC dental fraternities in Los Angeles, also on Essix Minor Tooth Movement.
    After 36 wonderful years as a general dentist at DentistryInToronto.com, I am developing a new found passion towards releasing feathered oral tissue (TOTS), TMJ, facial pain and dental sleep medicine, with my new MS specialty designation. We are now able to use developmental biology in dentistry, to help both children and adults develop their holistic and epigenetic potential in health. I opened a secondary practice, TMJandSleepinToronto.com, at Rosedale Medical Center, 600 Sherbourne St, Toronto.  We welcome our newest team members: Kam ToorRMT; Geneva Kliman Myofunctional therapist and Benita |Margaliot PT and OMT, Declan Conner, Buteyko Breathing. We receive referrals to this practice from both medical and dental colleagues.
  In 2014/2015, I renovated my dental offices and added a further suite that is dedicated to sleep, pain, TMJ,myofunctional therapy and improved nasal and sleep breathing. We have dentists, osteopaths,massage therapists, myofunctional therapists, cranial nerve integration and buteyko breathing therapists, all working together in the same venue. We have invested in modalities to treat these problems including several low level lasers, Heart Rate Variability and EMG equipment.
    My two USC dentistry (DDS) grad children (Kevin Kliman'10 and Elysa Kliman'12) as well as Dr. Tina Kokosis (periodontist- graduated from Columbia University perio) are now involved in the practice. My daughter, Geneva Kliman joined the group in 2015 and is running the Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Center. We are one of the first offices in North America to introduce the use the scientifically validated techniques of Myofunctional Therapy to treat snoring and sleep disordered breathing. We are active in the Academy of Myofunctional Therapy out of LA. We are also members of the International Association of Myofunctional Therapists. Geneva is now working on her COM certification as well as restorative breathing.
   What am I studying now?: I am attending a 3 year long residency in McLean, near Washington, on ALF functional orthopaedic appliances and ALF stealth braces which started on April 2014. Since then I’ve been studying with Dr. Darick Nordstrom with the ALF academy and Dr. Gavin James. In Sept. 2014 I began my studies in Myofunctional Therapy and I certified in the Moeller myofunctional therapy program (AOMT) held at the University of Washington, National Children's Hospital, in October 2014. I am studying Buteyko breathing techniques with Patrick McKeown and Declan Conner. I am bringing Dr. Lois Laynee to Toronto to teach us cranial nerve integration and restorative breathing techniques which is complimentary to ALF orthodontics and other modalities that we are involved in.
   I continue my lifelong interests in essential oil studies (Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists), and oral products and began the patent and trademark process for a product ("DentalGloss") that I have developed for oral use. 
  My husband, Michael Kliman,  is an orthopedic surgeon and we have three terrific children and live in Toronto, Canada. I am excited to announce that Dr. Jana Dengler is partnering with my son Kevin Kliman and am so happy to welcome our first grandchild into this world.